Jack is frustrated to see Adam at his door again. He reminds him it's 'Gabriel' and says he's there to talk about the new job Jack will be offering him. Jack protests that hiring him would be insane and dangerous. He wonders if Adam would be prepared for his brother to want to kill him again. Adam gets a call from a tearful Sage at Constance's bedside. He tells Jack he won't back down and leaves.

At the station, Courtney isn't buying Kevin's excuse for being late and fishes to find out if he spent the night with Mariah. He says they're not dating. Courtney mentions falling in love, which leaves Kevin reflecting on his kiss with Mariah. He continues writing his story.

At Sharon's place, Mariah tells Noah that Sharon is nervously changing outfits. Sharon appears and Faith listens as they discuss the big meeting. They wonder if Nick has come to his senses and Sharon thinks Avery's presently coaching him not to give an inch. Faith appears - she hopes Sharon and Nick have a good talk. Sharon goes. Mariah and Noah joke about who is mom's favorite. Summer and Austin arrive to visit Faith. They waited until Sharon drove off. Courtney arrives. She tells Mariah that Kevin was acting 'off'. His arrest record comes up. Summer thinks they have a lot in common. They all play The Game of Life and marriage comes up. Summer notices the tension between Noah and Courtney.

Nick arrives at Avery's office, where she explains how the mediation will go. Nick wonders if the mediator will give him full custody immediately. Avery says she'll take time, and asks if he's sure it's what he wants. Nick is uncertain after Christmas. Avery asks when he searched his soul, what did it tell him? They agree it's not in Faith's best interests to have a battle. Sharon arrives. Nick agrees to talk privately. He tells her he's willing to compromise. Sharon thanks him. David Sherman arrives and the mediation begins. Nick offers to pull back on seeking sole custody, but David rants that Sharon's the one who should have sole custody. Nick freaks out and they start slinging insults. Sharon says Faith has repeatedly said she hates her daddy. Avery brings up Sharon's crime. Nick says he's taken the brunt of Faith's anger in return for protecting Sharon. The mediator wishes them luck in court. Sharon complains to Sherman about attacking Nick, but he tells her Nick isn't a man who will compromise.

At the Bingham mansion, Sage tells Adam there is nothing more the doctors can do for Constance. Adam wonders what Sage will do without her. Sage says she's not pathetic - she has plans. Constance sees the light...and Gabriel, anxious to be with her again in heaven. She tells Adam, "You are not my grandson." He insists he is, but she says, "No." Constance dies. Later, they look at the will. Adam marvels that she loved her grandson very much. Sage tells him to keep reading - she gets half the inheritance. "I'm your wife."

At Jabot, Phyllis tells Billy he looks dashing. He asks what she wants. She needs help and it has nothing to do with the company, but a clingy conniving homewrecker. Billy sighs. "It's been not nice talking to you." He thinks Kelly has Phyllis running scared, and wonders why she's stirring up problems when she's already won. Phyllis feels she's the only one who can see that Kelly's manipulating. Billy warns Phyllis about losing Jack if she keeps it up. Jack arrives as Phyllis tells Billy about mysteriously running out of gas. Jack asks is she's seriously suggesting Kelly sabotaged her car. They all debate. Phyllis wonders about Kelly's past and thinks she's hiding something. Jack and Billy throw up their hands - Kelly's a good person. Billy leaves. Phyllis tells Jack that Kelly is playing games. Jack thinks she's wrong. Phyllis will prove it.

At the station, Mariah questions Kevin about having a dagger in his box. She says it's a weapon and tells him if he's in trouble he can talk to her. She rambles that the dagger looks like the one in the story and realizes that it's memorabilia. Kevin thinks she was turned on by his dark side. They laugh.

At the Club, Kelly and Ben discuss Phyllis getting in her face at New Year's. She says she realized Jack still loves her, but he can't abandon Phyllis. Ben is skeptical. Kelly wonders why he can't just be happy for her. She feels she just has to be patient. Ben isn't convinced. He runs into Billy on his way out and tells him Katie's fine. Billy approaches Kelly and warns her she should forget about Jack. She says she's let go of much as he's let go of Victoria.

Genoa City Spoilers for Next Week on The Young and the Restless:

Dylan tells Avery somebody has to be in charge, they just have to get a name. "We should start with your ex-husband."

Ben and Abby look on as Joe gives Ashley flowers and thanks her for a memorable New Year's Eve. Abby asks, "New Year's Eve?"

Victoria warns Victor not to try and draw information out of Ben. "Do not even go there. No."

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