At Neil's, Lily and Cane tell the twins to get off the video games. Colin arrives. The twins ask him what a 'revolution' is. He explains a revolution and then tells Cane and Lily that Jill is working. They talk about the old pirate on the financial pages - it's Victor Newman. Lily says letting Cane go was Victor's loss and the Club's gain. Colin muses that Newman never really recovered after Bonaventure. Hilary answers the door to Devon happily, but isn't pleased he's brought Gwen. They sit down and Gwen says they had so much fun they kept things going. Hil heads to the kitchen and Devon follows. The twins blow noisemakers and want to make New Year's 'revolutions'. Lily and Cane set them straight. Colin mutters with Cane about running Chancellor - he thinks he's still interested. Colin goes and Lily asks what the whispering was about. Cane tells her and admits he misses the corporate world. He knows he could turn Chancellor around. Lily urges him to go after Victor if it makes him happy. Hilary tells Neil about the football game and Gwen thinks they're cute together. In the kitchen, Hilary asks Devon if he slept with Gwen. He wonders why she'd think that. Hil softens. She knows they have a future together. Neil approaches the kitchen and sees shapes. The twins burst in with their resolutions and want the adults to do theirs. They each write one down.

At the park, Kevin catches up with Michael, who is running full out. Michael talks about taking care of himself and visualizing strength. He runs again and injures himself. Kevin frets. Michael reminds him his ankle isn't connected to his prostate. When he falls again, Kevin helps him away.

At the Club, Lauren, Jill, and Gloria are holding a meeting. Jill is distracted. She admits she's finding it hard to care - it's a holiday. Lauren gets angry - she knows Jill is bored by retail but she needs to get over Victor getting Chancellor - Lauren needs her more than ever. They both apologize after and Jill says Lauren seems tight. Gloria asks if she's peri-menopausal and refers to a cream. Lauren groans. She gets a call from Kevin - Michael's in the hospital. Later, Colin joins Jill, who tells him she needs something more than selling dresses - she can't get Chancellor off her mind. Jill wonders if Katherine wants her to prove she's worthy of it by taking it away from Victor. Colin says there's one way to find out. He notes Victor would never see him coming - he's with her every step of the way.

At Crimson Lights, Dylan tells Avery that Nikki should help them distribute flyers and figure out who is influencing the mayor. Dylan says they'll stop by the ranch and then spend the day watching football. Avery doesn't look thrilled. Dylan produces a sled - he won't sit on the couch all day. They kiss.

At the ranch, Reed tells Victor and Nikki how cool Ben is...he was still at the house this morning. Victor's phone rings. Nikki says the mayor is calling. Victor talks and tells Nikki it seems they have a common interest. He reads Treasure Island to Reed, who causes laughter by saying Billy called Victor an old pirate once. Avery and Dylan arrive. They give Nikki the rally flyers. She will make time to distribute them to her contacts. Nikki decides they'll all sled on the hill behind the barn. Alone, Dylan suggests to Victor they have fun for the ladies' sake. Victor doesn't want his advice on relating to his wife. After sledding, Dylan and Avery tell Nikki someone with pull had their application for landmark status denied. Nikki puzzles over who could convince the entire committee to vote against it. Avery and Dylan leave and kiss outside. Inside, Nikki looks at the tequila and resolves to take it one day at a time.

Lauren arrives at the hospital with Gloria in tow. Kevin says he sprained his ankle. Lauren fawns over him. Gloria questions her intensity. "It's not like he was diagnosed with cancer or something." The room falls silent. Gloria asks if Michael has cancer. They deflect. Kevin takes Glo outside. Lauren says they'll have to tell her some time and tells Michael he needs to get the treatments. They agree they're scared about what they're facing in 2015. They make resolutions and hug.

In the park, Colin tells Jill he's resolved to be an open book. Jill laughs. She tells Katherine she resolves to wrest her company from the clutches of Victor.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Jack asks Adam, "Why are you here?" Adam replies, "To talk about the job you'll be offering me."

Phyllis says, "I could really use your help, Billy, and not just for my sake - for your brother's."

David Sherman says, "Mrs. Newman is the one who deserves full custody." Sharon protests. Nick angrily says, "Full custody. Are you kidding me?"

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