At the ranch, Victor hangs up from Joe. Nikki enters the room and asks him to promise not to leave her in the dark. He asks if she can promise the same. Nikki tells him she has to speak at Katherine's charity and will meet him at the Club.

At The Underground, Kevin tells the bunny story as Harding, Noah, Courtney, Devon, Gwen, Summer, Abby, and Mariah listen. They crack up. A guy keeps asking, "Shots, yes?" It's Abby's awkward date, Lars. Abby gets on the phone with Kyle and hands it to Summer. Austin listens as she chats and acts jealous afterward. Summer reassures him. Gwen asks Devon why they're not at his club. He figured they'd have more fun there. Abby tells Gwen she used to have a thing with Devon and wonders if she's the married woman he's hung up on. Devon covers. Abby moves on to bug Noah and Courtney about whether they'll get engaged. Noah blurts that there's no wedding in his future.

In her stranded car, Phyllis is determined this won't defeat her. She gets out.

At the Club, Chelsea tells Adam she wears the wedding ring to keep guys from offering drinks. Adam clarifies he wasn't hitting on her and she accepts a drink. They toast to new friendships. Chelsea gets a call from Billy, who tells her about taking Katie to urgent care and says he'll be there soon. She hangs up and Adam, who overheard, asks about Connor. Chelsea says it wasn't Connor who was sick and they talk about her Christmas. Victor appears. He notices Adam and wonders if Chelsea dumped Billy. She says no and introduces him to 'Gabriel'. After she tells Adam that Connor's father died and alludes to unresolved issues. By the stairs, Kelly theorizes that Jack is still in love with her...and now he's stuck with Phyllis. Jack worries he's given her the wrong impression. She goes on about not being able to turn off those feelings. He takes her hands in his and asks her to listen to him as Phyllis looks in from the door. She enters and confronts them. Kelly says Jack was commenting on her dress, which is identical to Phyllis', and walks off. Phyllis rants to Jack about running out of gas and says Kelly is delusional. She finds Kelly and says, "Hi b****. I know you set me up."

At Victoria's house, she and Billy tell Ben he was right and thank him. Billy goes, and Vikki apologizes to Ben for not listening to him. Ben understands them being cautious and will prove he deserves her trust. "I love you." They kiss and make love.

At the park, Nikki talks to Katherine about her drinking and Paul appears. "You lied to me, Nikki." She's sorry she wasn't honest and was ashamed. She begs him not to tell her family. Paul agrees. She hugs him.

Billy appears at the Club and recognizes 'Bingham' from spreading his own brand of cheer at Jack's house. Chelsea says they were keeping each other company. Adam talks about doing business with Jack. After, Billy tells Chelsea he doesn't like Gabriel. Nearby, Phyllis accuses Kelly of siphoning her gas and wearing the same dress on purpose. "You want a war? You've got it." Phyllis next encounters Christine, who is pleased to hear she ran out of gas and won't be behind the wheel of a car. Paul arrives. Victor and Nikki also appear. At the bar, Hilary puts her phone down and goes to the restroom. A text comes in from Devon - love you, miss you. Neil peers at the blue screen but can't make out the words. Hilary returns and Neil says she got a text. By the stairs, Adam whispers to Jack about Billy having a new baby with Victoria. Jack says it doesn't change anything. Adam wants a job at Jabot or he'll go to the police. Jack warns he's playing with fire. He has no choice. Jack joins Phyllis, who has a different dress. He's wowed. As midnight nears, Neil makes a speech about 2014. They toast and Paul counts down. "Happy New Year!" Chris tells Paul it's their year. He looks over at Nikki. Kelly watches Jack and Phyllis with an evil look, and Adam watches Billy kiss Chelsea.

At The Underground, Devon tells Gwen he's waiting on a text. Abby and Summer talk about Austin having to work. Abby remarks loudly that maybe Mariah could cover - she could probably use the money. Mariah talks to Kevin about the author she loves. The new year is rung in with Lars shouting, "Shots, yes?" Summer and Austin kiss, Courtney kisses Noah but looks at her bare finger, Harding grabs Abby and kisses her, and Mariah and Kevin do a shot and kiss.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Jill asks Colin, "Are you suggesting I try to get Chancellor away from Victor?"

Victor listens as Nikki, Dylan, and Avery puzzle over who convinced an entire committee not to give Crimson Lights landmark status.

Hilary greets Devon at her door. "Happy New Year!" Devon steps aside. "Look who I brought with me." It's Gwen.

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