At the tack house, in light of Brad's arrest, Phyllis tells Michael, "It's over for me." However, Michael says, "Not necessarily." Michael plans to prove that Brad is a liar! Just then, Kay calls and summons Michael to The Club to squash a problem!

After Michael leaves, Phyllis hears a knock on the door, answers it and sees Nick! In tears, Phyllis rushes into Nick's arms and says, "I knew you weren't dead! Are you okay?" Nick assures her he's fine, opens his shirt and says, "Except for this." Phyllis is shocked to see Nick's torn stomach as he moves in closer, which ultimately wakes her up from the nightmare! Falling back into her nightmare, Nick tells Phyllis he can't stay then says, "I had to die… It was your punishment for causing Dru's death. That's something you're going to have to live with for the rest of your life." Suddenly, Phyllis snaps awake!

At Sharon's, when Jack and Sharon try to talk to Noah about moving to Jack's, he yells, "I'm not going anywhere!" Noah goes on to say he'll stay at the ranch alone and that his dad will be back soon. No matter how many times Sharon and Jack say that Nick isn't coming back, Noah says, "I can prove it!" Noah brings them a file and says, "I've done some research. Lots of people survive plane crashes!" Sadly, Jack and Sharon listen as Noah reminds them of Nick's survival skills until Jack says, "Maybe you're right." Jack looks at Sharon. "Maybe we should go on the assumption that his dad is alive." Although Sharon doesn't think they should give Noah false hope, Jack convinces him to make a poster for Nick saying he's at Jack's and can't wait for him to come home. After Noah hangs it on the door, they grab their luggage and head to Jack's. On their way out, Sharon's cell rings. She sees it's Brad, but doesn't answer…

At Crimson Lights, when Brad offers Vikki a divorce, she's stunned. After Vikki expresses whether or not she can ever trust Brad again, he tells her to take all the time she needs and says, "I only want you to be happy." After Brad leaves, Vikki calls JT and makes plans to go to his loft.

Vikki arrives at JT's and makes a rule, "Neither of us can say the 'B' word." After JT puts on a slow song, Vikki says, "Will you dance with me." Holding her close, JT obliges. Later, over talk of wishing her life was different, Vikki expresses being thankful for JT then they passionately make love! Afterwards, Vikki gets dressed and tells JT, "I have to go take care of something…"

At The Club, although Cane tries to calm Amber, she says, "I can't believe Lily is doing this to me." Cane briefly goes to Jill and defends Amber, but Jill says, "We need to be certain she didn't do this." When Cane returns, he questions Amber again, "I need to know you're being honest with me." Amber sticks to her story and Cane apologizes then says, "I'm sorry… I love you." After Amber leaves, Cane looks through the pictures on her cell phone…

Across the room, Kay vents to Jill, Ji Min and Gloria about the effects Amber's latest stunt will have on Jabot! Together, they wonder how to keep a lid on the mess! When Michael arrives, he agrees to aggressively fight the execs at Extreme Catwalk from airing the clips of Amber. In front of everyone, Michael warns the producer if she airs the footage, he'll sue Extreme Catwalk and demands she get back to him in a few hours with some reassurance!

When Daniel arrives at the coffeehouse, he tells Kevin, Lily kicked me out." Although Kevin says to give Lily some time, Daniel calls her… However, Lily refuses to talk and tells him to come and get his things!

At the apartment, while packing up Daniel's clothes Lily expresses her disgust to Colleen that her fight with Amber will be aired all over national TV then says, "It's all because of Daniel!" Looking through his things, Lily finds the sand from when they ran away.

With Lily and Colleen gone, Daniel and Kevin arrive at the apartment to collect his things. Shortly after, Amber arrives to hear that Lily threw Daniel out!

When Lily and Colleen briefly stop at The Club, Colleen briefly joins her dad at the bar, but Brad wants to be alone.

Later, Lily returns to her empty apartment and sees that Daniel's things are gone. She picks up a picture of Dru and says, "What do I do, Mom, I need your help." Just then, Colleen comes through the door with a bag and says, "I thought we could have a slumber party."

Back at the coffeehouse with Cane, Daniel and Kevin, a girl calls out to Amber and says, "It's you, the girl on the Extreme Catwalk website!" Everyone listens on as the girl turns up the volume and aims the screen for Amber to see.

Vikki arrives at The Club, joins Brad and says, "I've thought about what you said… I care about you and there is a piece of me that'll always love you, but it's not enough… I can't trust you…" When Brad says, "So this is it?" Vikki replies, "I want a divorce."

When Jack, Sharon and Noah arrive at Jack's, he announces he has a surprise for Noah then leaves the room. Shortly after, Jack returns with a puppy for Noah and says, "Now, this feels like home." Just then, Sharon gets a text message from Brad saying, "Vikki wants a divorce, call me."

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Gloria & William tie the knot.

Neil confronts Daniel.

Amber receives a visit from an old boyfriend.

Phyllis is offered a room at the Abbott Manor.

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