At The Underground, Mariah rants to Summer about finding out she's a part of the family. She's still hoping to find out it's all a lie - like Summer did. Summer calls her a horrible human. They argue. Mariah accuses Summer of being jealous. Summer says she's not the only one who has had it rough. Mariah laughs. Austin says Summer lost her mother. Abby arrives. Summer tells her Mariah is Cassie's twin. They agree they wouldn't wish being held hostage by Ian on anyone, even Mariah. Summer thinks Mariah should be more grateful. Austin extends an offer of friendship to Mariah in the back. She tells him about what Ian did to her. "Turns out my stand-in daddy is a liar and a perv." Austin rejoins Abby and Summer and tells them to cut Mariah some slack - Summer should understand how she's feeling. When Mariah reappears, Summer is nicer. Mariah gets angry at Austin, thinking he made them pity her. She tells them to go to hell. After, Abby warns Summer to watch out - Tyler fell for Mariah's 'poor me' act too.

At home, Jack dreams of waking up beside Phyllis but he's in bed with Kelly. Kelly teases him about having bad dreams and Jack talks about making her feel welcome there. Later, Jack tells Kelly the movers are putting Phyllis' boxes in storage. Kelly recalls when her father died and then apologizes - Phyllis is still alive. Jack says she's not coming back. They discuss Summer being happy with Austin. Jack worries he's let Summer down by giving up on Phyllis. Kelly reassures him. Kelly suggests he keep photos of Phyllis in the house. Jack says he has the best reminder of all in Summer. Kelly decides to go get food and cook him dinner. Jack flashes to teasing Phyllis about almost burning the house down trying to boil water.

Avery and Dylan arrive at the station where Paul tells them Ian may have been sighted near the Canadian border. Paul vows to Dylan that he'll keep Nikki safe. Dylan says he, Paul, and Victor all promised that but Ian still got to her. Paul insists they'll put him away this time. Paul notices Dylan's injured hand. He says he hurt it fixing something at the coffee house.

Nikki is reaching for the tequila when Victor arrives at the ranch and asks about the police outside. Nikki says Paul sent them in case Ian returned. She complains about Victor's security team and him being gone. "Where were you?" Victor says on an important business trip. Nikki says he's left his family in the lurch. She tells him about Ian drugging and marrying Mariah. They argue about whether Mariah deserved it. Victor arranges for security to follow Nikki everywhere. Nikki angrily asks where he was yesterday. Victor complains she turned to Paul. She wonders what she was supposed to do. Victor snarks, "Call 911." Victor complains about how many times she's turned to Paul. Nikki retorts that she can count on Paul! Nikki leaves. Victor phones Paul to get his officers off his property. They bicker about who is responsible for Nikki's safety. Victor barks, "I protect Nikki."

In Georgia, Phyllis' doctor and nurse discuss not getting her family's hopes up yet. The nurse shows her a photo of Jack and puts her engagement ring back on her finger. The doctor takes a call from Victor, who asks about speeding up the process with an extra dose of anti-coma juice. He makes a threat and orders him to get results.

At Crimson Lights, Avery wants to call Stitch or go to the ER for Dylan's hand. She grills him about how he cut it and the amount of blood on his shirt. Avery's worried. He assures her he won't go off half-cocked and will leave finding Ian to Paul. However, he has a feeling they will never see Ian again.

Nikki enters a bar and orders a vodka on the rocks. A woman appears. "I never expected to see you here." She wonders what another classy woman is doing there. Nikki says her car broke down. The other woman says she's going to meet some people she hasn't seen for a while and needed liquid courage. She asks about the Genoa City Athletic Club and they toast to new adventures.

At the station, Paul learns there was blood found in the Newman driveway and asks for the DNA on the blood.

At the Abbott house, Jack signs for Phyllis' boxes to be taken away. The phone rings - no one speaks on the other end.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Victoria asks Ben, "What exactly is going on between you and my sister?" He replies, "What do you care?"

Victor tells Phyllis' doctor under no circumstances should Jack Abbott know about this.

Traci asks Jack what he's thinking about. He replies, "Going to see Phyllis again."

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