Noah joins Austin and Summer at The Underground and tells them about Mariah being Cassie's twin. Later, Summer tells Austin she's jealous of Mariah - she has Nick. Austin reassures her. Summer doesn't think Mariah deserves to be a Newman.

In the hospital, Mariah tells Nick she dreamed Ian married her. Nick tells her it's true - Ian drugged her. He says Ian's gone but the marriage won't hold up. He also confirms that Sharon's her mother. Mariah informs him she won't be going home to Sharon. They talk about what she did. Nick says when he looks at her, he sees his daughter. Mariah shouts at him, "Leave me the hell alone!" Nick tells her Sharon left clothes, and he's taking her home where she belongs.

In Georgia, Victor pressures the doctor to do something to make Phyllis speak with him. After, Victor tries holding up a photo of Sharon, but gets no reaction. He then shows Phyllis a photo of Summer, but nothing happens. Victor notices 14 missed calls and phones for the jet to go home. Phyllis says, "Sum...mer."

At Newman-Chancellor, Billy wants to shred the divorce papers and start fresh. Victoria doesn't want to prolong the inevitable. Billy gets her to reminisce about their weddings. They talk about their recent kiss, him busting her out of the hospital, and Johnny. Billy goes to sign the papers. She stops him to say he's not all to blame and they'll always be family, but this marriage is over. He signs and asks, "Now what?" Vikki looks at his ringing phone - Chelsea's calling. Billy speaks to her briefly and then assures Vikki there's nothing going on between them. Billy says endings are what you need for a new beginning, and leaves.

At the Club, Abby complains to Ashley that she's about to hire a man whose entire life is a fraud. Ashley tells Abby she's being inappropriate, but she keeps ranting. Stitch defends himself and his credentials. Ashley hires him. Abby speaks to Ashley alone and wonders if she's lost her mind. Ashley defends her position and says it may help Billy and Victoria. Abby asks if she's doing it for Billy, or because she's attracted to Stitch. Ash says he's the perfect candidate. Abby snarks about them having lots of chemistry. Stitch returns. Ashley welcomes him to Jabot and leaves them to strategize. Abby warns Stitch he can stay in town, but won't get Victoria. They are bickering about the perfume campaign when Victoria appears and watches them together.

At home, Sharon tells Faith that Mariah is her sister. Faith asks questions, which Sharon answers. Faith says now they know why she looked so much like Cassie. She reminds Sharon that Mariah broke the rules. Sharon says that's because she didn't have a family to teach her. Later, Nick enters with Mariah, who is greeted by an enthusiastic Faith. She urges Mariah to follow the rules so she can stay. Nick tells Faith to go upstairs. She does after asking if Mariah's a love child too. Sharon reaches out to Mariah, who tells her not to come near her. She brings up their argument. Sharon hasn't forgotten. Mariah snaps that she doesn't want Sharon's forgiveness or pity. She asks who her father is. Sharon tells her about Frank, who is dead. Mariah is hostile - the only thing she wants is to have her financial debt cleared so she can leave town. Later, Noah arrives. Sharon tells him Mariah ran off and Nick's looking for her. Noah worries that Mariah will hurt her again. He warns she can't expect to be an instant mother to someone like her.

At the park, Nick tells Mariah why he was trying to get to know her better - to protect his family from Ian. They argue about what she's going to do next. He wants her to come back with him. She agrees to stay in town, but won't play house with them.

At Jabot, Ashley is sorry to see Billy's divorce papers and tells him it's not over - she has a plan. She says she'll be back from New York soon and will distract Stitch from Victoria.

Mariah storms into The Underground and tells Austin she's done working for tips and Nick's charity. Summer glares at her.

Nick returns home and tells Sharon that Mariah agreed to stay in town. Sharon talks about sharing the future they were meant to have together.

Genoa City Spoilers for Next Week on The Young and the Restless:

Summer and Mariah butt heads.

Victor rails at Nikki for calling Paul Williams instead of him.

Paul asks Dylan what happened to his hand.

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