At Newman-Chancellor, Victoria tells Abby she was thinking about Billy. Stitch arrives to check on Victoria and the baby. Abby snipes that she already told him they were fine. They bicker about Abby using him. Abby leaves. Victoria asks Stitch what they were talking about. He says Abby kissed him. Victoria reacts badly even though he explains it was to make Tyler jealous. He's stunned. Vikki asks if he's heard about his license. Stitch says not yet. He's looking for other jobs and may have to leave town. She apologizes for the way things turned out. He says it sounds like she's saying goodbye.

At home in bed, Lauren tells Michael it's okay...she just likes being close to him. She gabbers about spending time together. He tells her to stop talking to him like he's a child. Lauren doesn't want him to feel bad. Michael agrees to dinner together.

Lily and Cane are canoodling in the Club office when Colin bangs on the locked door and calls out for Cane. Colin and Cane meet at the bar, where Cane grills him about the guy he met in the park. Colin just wants Cane's advice about the boutique business - he needs a guy's point of view. Cane will help if he tells him about his meeting. Colin laments their trust issues. He stands to leave but Cane stops him and gives him a rundown on what he needs to know. Colin likes the gleam in his eye and realizes Cane misses working for a powerful company. Nearby, Lauren talks to Lily about the boutique's lingerie sales. Lily says she bought some, but spent more time out of them than in them. Lauren asks, "What's your secret?" Lily's surprised, but tells her they keep things spontaneous. Lauren recalls dressing up for Michael in the past.

At Crimson Lights, Devon enters as Neil tells Hilary he's going back to Hilary tries to talk him out of it and Devon agrees. Neil insists Hilary drive him to the office. After, a model named Sasha asks Devon if he's off the market. Michael hears Devon turn her down and asks if he's seeing somebody. They discuss setting up charities and Michael asks again. Devon says he's avoiding the dating scene. Michael says that makes sense and calls Lauren to cancel their dinner.

At Jabot, Jack notices Billy seems distracted. Ashley appears and they hug her. They all discuss Billy and Victoria. Ash tells them she came back because she's been working on something that will set the cosmetics industry, and the world, on fire. Hilary and Neil arrive. Neil says he's there to work. In the corridor, Ashley greets Abby and they discuss her broken engagement. Abby mentions Vikki wants nothing to do with Billy or Stitch so she's her labor coach. Meanwhile, Neil realizes he won't be able to do much and tells Jack he'll take a leave of absence. On his way out, Billy tells Ashley he'll need her - especially after today. After, Hilary walks Neil past Ashley and Abby. Neil explains he's changed him mind for now. He tells Hilary there's someplace he has to go. Ashley and Abby rejoin Jack. Ashley says her new perfume is something that hasn't been done before. Jack and Abby want details, but Ashley refuses. She wants to market it as a perfume bottle with a question mark on it. Jack asks if she's coming back. Ashley wants him to make her co-CEO again. Jack agrees, if she shows him something viable. Devon arrives and Jack tells him Neil is taking a leave. They discuss Hilary. Jack warns Devon there's a difference between looking our for her and gazing at her.

Billy arrives at Newman-Chancellor and trades barbs with Stitch. Victoria says goodbye to Ben, who replies, "So long, Victoria." Billy reminds Victoria that four years ago today he proposed - so why send final divorce papers today? Victoria says Avery's assistant must have done it. Billy wonders if she could go back, would she still marry him? Victoria says she would. Billy asks if that means the divorce is off.

At the doctor's office, Neil and Hilary learn there is still no answer about when his eyesight might return. Hilary cries. Neil says they'll get through this together.

At home, Lauren, who dressed up in a costume for Michael, is disappointed that he canceled.

At the Club, Ashley and Abby interview chemists. Ashley says the next candidate's resume looks promising - Benjamin Russell. Stitch appears.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Sharon tells Mariah it's a miracle that she's come home to them. Mariah tells her, "Don't touch me. Don't come near me."

Stitch tells Ashley, "If you want a safe choice instead of someone with talent and drive, then don't hire me."

Billy asks Victoria to start fresh.

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