Jack and Kelly kiss at the Abbott mansion. Summer phones to invite them for lunch. After, Kelly thinks Jack should tell Summer their news on his own, but Jack thinks Summer will accept that they're moving on.

At their apartment, Austin and Summer welcome Jack and Kelly. Austin tells Jack about his visit with Phyllis. He's praying she'll wake up for Summer's sake. Jack says Austin's shown great character. In the kitchen, Summer thanks Kelly for fighting for her and Austin, and says it must not be easy dating a guy who's engaged to someone else. Kelly looks uncomfortable. Over lunch, Jack announces that he and Kelly have decided to move forward and she's moving in. Jack says he told Phyllis. Summer tries to be accepting but leaves the table. She returns and offers strawberries, but Jack and Kelly hustle out. Summer tells Austin she won't give up hope.

In Georgia, the doctor tells Phyllis her family wants her back. "Let's find out if you're on your way."

At Sharon and Nick's place, they are on the phone with Paul about Mariah. Sharon is concerned about Mariah's life being turned upside-down once she sees what Ian's really about.

In the storage unit, Ian tells Mariah their fortunes are entwined. She tries to leave. He warns her not to disappoint him. She asks what he gave her; she feels tired. He speaks soothingly about their wedding. She protests that he's like her father. Ian talks about a new level of enlightenment. Clarence begins. Mariah kicks up a stink during the ceremony and Ian hisses at her not to diverge. Soon they're pronounced husband and wife. Ian takes the signed license and leaves Mariah with Clarence.

At the ranch, Victor appears behind Nikki, who is near the Tequila, and asks what she's doing. She says she's worrying about the situation with Nick and Sharon. They arrive and Nick asks for Victor's help. Victor agrees. Nick and Sharon leave. Victor tells Nikki there's still a lot of damage Sharon can do to their son. Nikki rants about how much one woman can take. Victor wonders if she's talking about herself or Sharon. They bicker about what Victor did to Sharon. Victor thinks it's all good now since Nick asked him for help. They argue about Sharon's secret. Nikki just wants the family to come together. They embrace. Nikki leaves. Victor takes a call from Dr. Cutler and learns Phyllis is showing remarkable brain activity.

At the Club, Abby insults Ben. She spots Tyler at the bar and changes her tune. She tells Stitch he took the high road by calling Billy the other day, and then kisses him! Stitch asks why she did that. He spots Tyler at the bar and figures it out. He tells Abby not to do that again. Abby approaches Tyler who wishes her good luck with her new boyfriend, the murderer. He apologizes and they talk about Mariah going missing. He says he's concerned, but not in love with her. Abby believes him. She says she kissed Stitch to get a rise out of him. They laugh. Tyler hopes she ends up happy...and advises her to pick someone who knows exactly what he's signing up for.

Back at home, Nick gripes about not hearing from Paul. Sharon worries that Cassie and Mariah were aching for each other because they were torn apart. Sharon screams that she wants Ian Ward to suffer. Nick gets a call from Victor's security guy.

Nikki attends an AA meeting and admits she drank yesterday. She mentions taking it one day at a time, and says she didn't drink today. After, Nikki listens to a message from Victor that he's going out of town. She talks to a woman about not worrying her family with her 'slip'.

Stitch enters Crimson Light and Abby's there - she knows his daily routine. She tells him Victoria's home from the hospital. He thanks her. She says the message was from Billy - now they're even.

At the station, Paul gives Courtney a bag of fake money for the decoy drop. Paul gets a call from Nick that Clarence rented a storage unit. He sends Harding to check it out.

At home, Nick tells Sharon he's going to the storage unit. Sharon insists on going too.

At the storage unit, Nick and Sharon find Clarence and an unconscious Mariah. Harding appears and tells Nick to drop the crowbar.

At the ranch, Nikki opens the door to Ian.

At the Abbott mansion, Kelly reassures Jack that nothing will change what he and Summer are to one another.

In Georgia, Victor talks to Phyllis about the treatment she's undergoing and says he wants her to talk to him about the secret. "Maybe you'll wake up now." Her eyes open.

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