At Crimson Lights, Avery asks Dylan to go to breakfast to celebrate. He wonders what she's up to.

At Sharon's house, Nick and Harding assure a stressed Sharon they'll get Mariah back. Harding tells Sharon to keep Ian on the phone when he calls. The phone rings. Ian tells Sharon a reunion will cost her one million dollars for every year of her newfound daughter's life. Sharon needs time. He wants five million now and she can wire the rest later. Sharon asks to speak to Mariah, but Ian says she's indisposed. Ian gives instructions - put the bag of money in the Chancellor Park trash can by 5:00 PM. Sharon asks a few more questions until Ian hangs up. The police couldn't track him. Sharon flips. Harding warns Mariah could be in on this. Sharon and Nick disagree. Harding wants to do a decoy drop with fake money. Nick tells Sharon they'll trust the police, but assures her they won't sit and do nothing.

At Chancellor Park, Jill is upset the music box is gone. She thought she was done with it, but made a terrible mistake. Colin says it served it's purpose - they've got each other. Jill's grateful. Michael walks behind them on the phone making plans to meet someone and says Lauren doesn't suspect a thing. Jill curses.

At the Club, Colin cautions Jill, but she spots Lauren and rushes over to tell her Michael is having an affair. Lauren argues, but Jill can't be dissuaded. Lauren wonders who the hell he'd be having an affair with. Just then, Avery appears with Dylan. "Where's Michael?" Dylan says Avery's been acting weird all morning. Jill gasps. "You're the one Michael's having the affair with!" Michael appears. Jill confronts him. Lauren tries to explain. Jill calls Avery a blonde succubus. Avery tells Michael they should come clean. Michael says they're partners - law partners. Jill apologizes and scoots off with Colin. The others sit. Dylan gets a call for help from Nick. Jill complains to Colin at the bar about becoming a woman who can't trust men. Nearby, Michael wonders if Lauren thought Jill might have been right. Lauren reassures him. Michael thinks the partnership with Avery will help their relationship. Michael leaves and Lauren walks over to Jill. "I could strangle you." Colin hustles off. Lauren complains to Jill that she made a tense situation worse. Jill says if they're know...they've got a serious problem.

Dylan and Avery arrive at Nick and Sharon's house and get up to speed on Mariah and Ian. Dylan and Avery produce the number for Clarence, Ian's associate in Indiana. While Nick calls, Avery assures Dylan she'd never cheat on him. Sharon and Dylan discuss discovering family you didn't know you had. Avery offers support to Nick. Nick declares he's sick of Ian and wishes he'd stayed locked up. Sharon says if he had, she would never have found out Mariah was her daughter.

Gloria finds Kevin sulking at the station. He says he's upset because his friend Mariah is missing. Gloria grills him about wanting to leave town and spots the story he's been writing on the computer. "What are you up to?" Gloria pronounces the murder story to be gruesome. Kevin needs to work. Gloria says she was there for Michael when his wife cheated with the gorgeous Italian, and she's there for him now that his crazy wife dumped him. Kevin grimaces. "You're my rock." Gloria invites him on a singles cruise she and Jeffrey are going on. Michael appears. Kevin congratulates him on his partnership with Avery. Gloria tells Michael to talk sense into Kevin and goes. Kevin complains about Glo to Michael, who mentions some troubles of his own. Harding appears and asks Kevin to follow a lead in Mariah's case. After, Kevin tells Michael he'll stick around.

At home, Colin reassures Jill that Lauren will get over it. Jill is disappointed in herself and vows to take Katherine's advice to trust and believe in love - she hopes whoever took the music box will do the same.

Dylan has closed Crimson Lights down to celebrate with Avery. They kiss. Her new business line rings. She checks the voicemail - it was her ex-husband.

At home, Nick tells Sharon that Kevin learned Ian's associate Clarence cleared out of his place a few days ago. Sharon feels it can't be a coincidence.

In the storage unit, Ian tells someone to get there as soon as possible. Mariah wakes up wearing a wedding dress and asks questions. Later, Clarence arrives. Ian tells Mariah he's there to marry them.

At the Club, Gloria whispers a warning to Lauren about Michael and Avery being partners. Lauren grimaces. Gloria advises Lauren to steer him toward an old geezer with nose hairs otherwise she's asking for trouble.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Stitch says to Abby, "I should have just let you keep walking." Abby says, "Wait!" She pulls him into a kiss.

The doctor tells Victor by phone that Phyllis is showing remarkable brain activity. Victor asks when he thinks Phyllis will come out of her coma.

Sharon tells Nick that Mariah's life is about to turn upside-down.

Ian tells Mariah, "I'm your path. You don't want to disappoint me."

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