At the Chancellor Estate, Jill gets teary reading Katherine's letter. Colin comforts her. Jill is glad she now knows the truth that Katherine did leave her what was most valuable to her. Murphy arrives. Jill hugs him and he thanks her and Esther for putting everything together. He congratulates Jill and Colin on their marriage and is happy to hear they're expecting a good crowd today. Esther suggests they head to the park. Murphy tells Jill there's something he needs to do at the party - he got instructions as well.

At the station, Lauren prompts Michael to make nice with Kevin after their previous argument. They tell Kevin they'll see him at Katherine's party. Paul appears and tells Kevin they're tracking Ian Ward and Mariah Copeland - he's not sure if she's in danger.

At the ranch, Nikki reads Katherine's letter and tells her she still feels alone. She gazes at the Tequila bottle as Victor appears. Nick shows up and Victor assumes he's there to accuse him of things regarding Mariah. Nick tells them Mariah is Cassie's twin and Sharon's daughter. He shares what he found out. Nikki sits down - she knows exactly what Sharon is going through. Victor grunts about Mariah not being like Cassie and they shouldn't embrace her into the family. Nick mentions Victor interfering with Sharon's therapist. Nikki gasps. Victor says it was a misunderstanding. Paul arrives. He has something Nick should know. Later, Nikki and Paul decide to go see Dylan. Victor tells them he feels Ian will contact him since he alluded to knowing something that would affect his family.

At Sharon's house, she tells Noah they have to bring Mariah home - she's her daughter, and his sister. She tells him what Nick found out. Noah is stunned. He embraces Sharon. Nick arrives and Noah asks them to keep him posted. Nick tells Sharon that Paul told him Mariah was supposed to meet Kevin last night. They speculate on whether she went with Ian against her will. Sharon wonders why they'd take her baby. Nick has no answers. Sharon frets over how Mariah grew up. Ian stole so much from all of them.

Mariah asks Ian why they're at a storage unit. He says they're collecting things for their journey. He pours wine and toasts to the next phase of Mariah's life.

At Crimson Lights, Avery asks Dylan if they're going to discuss their issue or just keep avoiding it. Dylan says he'll always believe Austin should have gone to jail, but he'll respect her and Paul's decision. He realizes Avery fighting for what she believes is who she is. Nikki and Paul show up and fill them in on Mariah...and that she's possibly with Ian. Dylan is concerned about Nikki since Ian's attacking her family again. She insists she's fine - Ian will get what's coming to him. She leaves for Katherine's party. Dylan, Avery, and Paul chat about Sharon and Mariah.

Noah talks to Courtney about Mariah at the station. Courtney promises they'll find her.

At Chancellor Park, Lauren and Michael admire Katherine's portrait. Kevin greets Murphy, who talks about hanging out with his buddies at the Lodge. He misses Katherine, but feels gratitude for the time he had with her. Michael and Kevin step aside and bicker briefly about what Kevin will do next. Kevin says it's Katherine's day. Jill and Lauren check in with each other. Lauren confides in her sister about Michael's issue in the romance department. Jill advises her that Katherine would have told her not to make something out of nothing - the magic is still there. Colin joins them and tells Lauren he looks forward to working together. Lauren isn't up for talking business there. Kevin and Esther remember last year. Esther thinks she and Delia are together. Kevin acts bitter about losing Katherine, Delia, and Chloe. Michael looks on, concerned. Jill wonders what Murphy will be doing. He says once everyone arrives, he'll let Katherine tell them herself.

Victor drops into Sharon and Nick's place and offers his resources to help find Mariah - they'll make Ian pay. He leaves and Sharon gets a call from Ian. He says if she wants to see her daughter again, she must wait for his instructions.

At the storage unit, Ian hangs up on Sharon and laughs about it being a day he's waited a long time for. He kisses the hand of unconscious Mariah, who is wearing a wedding dress and veil.

At the ranch, Victor talks to Nikki about helping to protect his family. He says he'll see her at the party and leaves. Nikki reads her letter from Katherine again and talks out loud about Ian torturing her family. She flashes through everything that's happened and heads for the Tequila bottle. She sniffs, pours, and drinks.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Murphy declares it's going to be a hell of a day. Jill muses that it will, especially when he tells her exactly what they're doing there.

Esther greets Nina as she arrives at the party.

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