At home, Nick tells Sharon there are things about Mariah they didn't know, things Mariah doesn't even know. Sharon rants and raves about never wanting to see her again. She angrily informs Nick, "You don't know who Mariah really is!" Nick blurts, "She's your daughter. Mariah's your daughter, Sharon." Sharon admits she thought of her that way, but Nick clarifies she's her flesh and blood. "Sharon you had twins." Sharon hotly protests - she would know if she had twins. Nick insists it's true. He explains that Helen Copeland stole the baby for someone who couldn't have a child of his own - Ian Ward. Nick says the delivery doctor confessed to everything. Sharon recalls being given a shot. She finally accepts that it's true. "Mariah has Cassie's face because she's Cassie's twin." Sharon thinks she should have known she was carrying two babies. Nick says it's not her fault. Sharon feels she abandoned Mariah, and did it again today. She explains how Mariah set out to seduce him in lingerie. Nick is flabbergasted. Sharon now sees why she acts out like that - she was abandoned and unloved. "We have got to find her." Nick knows where to look.

At Ian's suite, Mariah tears up saying that she's leaving town. Ian comforts her. They talk about her situation with Sharon and Nick. Ian tells her there's a reason she fit into that household so well. He declares it's time she knew the truth. Mariah says something about how Nick looked at her. Ian asks what she did. She tells him. He winces. Mariah goes on about hating Sharon. Ian thinks things can still work out. He believes Sharon loves her. He makes a heartfelt speech about how much Mariah has meant to him. In the dining room, Cane comments on Devon staring at his drink. He invites him to a family dinner. Devon's not up for it. Cane walks off and Hilary appears. She tells Devon she's there to see him. She prays every night Neil gets his sight back. They talk about how they'll manage over time if he never does. Devon almost wants to run, but he can't. Hilary says it was a dream, and now they're awake.

At the park, Colin meets with Kurtz to talk terms. Kurtz wants in the family business but Colin insists his family and his wife be left out of this. Kurtz walks off. Cane appears. "What was all that about?" Colin claims he's just there to firm up plans for Katherine's memorial party. Cane's not buying it whatsoever and starts warning him. Colin insists he doesn't have a problem in the world. Cane reminds him he saved his ass with Bonaventure. Colin says his ass is very grateful and he's a changed man. Cane asks him to tell him if something's going down and he'll help him. Colin says nothing. Cane tells him to remember later that he wanted it this way. Kurtz returns and warns things will get ugly fast - he might want to reconsider bringing him into the family business. Cane eavesdrops.

At Neil's place, he feels his way around and insists to Lily that he doesn't need help. There's a knock. Neil feels his way over. Jack and Kelly blow in. Jack goes on about work. Neil finally hollers that he can't see anything. Jack is stunned that no one told him. Neil is sure this is temporary. Jack agrees to keep him up to speed on work. Hilary and Devon enter. Neil thanks Devon for being a good son and giving Hilary a ride. Jack and Kelly accept an invitation to stay for dinner. Neil and Lily argue over his plan to keep the house he bought. He knocks the salad over and tensions run high. Kelly takes Lily for a walk to de-stress. Jack talks to Hilary about when he was told he'd never walk again. He urges her not to take Neil's frustration personally. Jack reassures Neil who explains that his other senses are picking up things - he can almost hear what people are thinking. Jack goes and Neil asks Devon and Hilary, "What's cooking with you two, huh?" Devon takes a call from Jill about Katherine's ceremony. Neil thinks they should go. Devon reminds him they've been keeping the news about his condition within the family. What does he want to do?

At the Club bar, Lily discusses her family's tension with Kelly. Lily thanks her for listening. Sharon and Nick appear. They ask Lily about Ian. She learns that he checked out and took some young woman with him. Sharon gasps.

At the Abbott house, Jack and Kelly eat and bask in their first night home together. "We are so lucky." They reflect on Neil's situation.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Avery asks Dylan if they're going to keep avoiding each other or deal with this.

Paul tells a surprised Kevin that they're tracking Ian Ward and Mariah Copeland.

Nick tells Victor and Nikki that Mariah is Sharon's daughter.

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