At the Madison University, Nick threatens to ruin Dr. Hill’s career if he doesn’t talk. He knows something happened in the delivery room that night. "Tell me everything." He tells Hill it's the last chance to clear his conscience and make things right. Hill says the baby was taken away before Sharon saw her because she was being put up for adoption. Nick prompts, "What happened next." The doctor says, "A miracle." Nick says Helen Copeland knew about Hill's gambling troubles and wanted the baby for someone she knew. Hill says he wouldn't allow Helen to take the newborn, but then the stars aligned - Sharon gave birth to a twin. Nick is disgusted that Sharon was so drugged up she never knew about the second baby. The doctor says he saw nothing wrong with adopting out the second baby too. Nick brings in the FBI to arrest him.

Sharon confronts Victor in his office and tells him Mariah tried to seduce Nick away from her. Victor says she's been trouble since she stepped foot in town. Sharon can't believe he said that. Victor defends himself by saying he paid Mariah to leave town. Sharon accuses him of hiring Mariah to seduce Nick. Victor thinks she's crazy. Sharon shouts that he brought Mariah into their lives and made Sharon love her like her own daughter. Sharon recalls when Victor was there for her at times she missed Cassie and says he then ultimately used it against her. She informs Victor he can't get to her anymore - she won't let some phantom secret keep her family from being happy. Victor feels sorry she's been hurt, but won't stop until he knows what she's hiding. Later, Victor looks at a paper and calls Dr. Cutler to start Phyllis' experimental treatment - her daughter Summer has signed off on it. He'll fly him to the clinic.

In Georgia, Summer thanks Austin for coming to visit her mom. He says he wouldn't be free if not for her. They love each other. They enter Phyllis' room and Summer says, "Mom, this is Austin." Austin sits beside the comatose Phyllis and notes that she's pretty. Summer understands that it's awkward. Austin tells Phyllis he loves her daughter. He addresses what he did and how he feels he failed his mom. Summer sniffs that it was an accident and Avery helped him avoid prison. Austin confesses then that he married Summer for all the wrong reasons. He clarifies that he was crazy about her, but also thought it was his best shot at staying out of prison. He tells Phyllis her daughter's love took his hate away and waxes on about his hopes for the future. After, in the hallway, Summer assures Austin they're good. They go back in to see Phyllis. Summer thinks she can hear them. She tells Phyllis that Sharon's been great and the Abbott side of her family had a dinner for them. Summer says, "All we need now is you, Mom." When Summer goes to the office, Austin wishes he could give Summer what she wants - for her to wake up.

At work, Chelsea asks Billy about Victoria. He says she and the baby are safe. She brings up business. Billy talks about her passion...for her work. Chelsea says Stitch did them a favor by calling - it allowed him to be with Victoria and them to keep their promise about being friends and nothing more. They agree it's not easy to honor that agreement. Billy calls Chelsea painfully beautiful. Chelsea sighs. She points out that he's still in love with Victoria. She doesn't blame him for wanting a family - that's what she's wanted. Billy assures her she'll have it one day. Chelsea says she, Connor, and her mom are going away for a while. Billy grumbles about her leaving town. Chelsea isn't just avoiding him, but also memories of Adam. Chelsea gives Billy a chance to ask her to stay but Connor awakens. Billy plays airplane with Connor. He talks about him having Delia's eyes and tells Chelsea he'll miss her. They kiss. She wishes him luck and he returns the sentiment.

Nick arrives home and calls out for Sharon or Mariah. Sharon enters and is thankful he's home. He asks where Mariah is, and Sharon spits, "Who cares? I don't ever want to see that girl again." She says she threw her out. Nick insists they have to find her. Sharon asks for one good reason why.

Genoa City Spoilers for Next Week on The Young and the Restless:

Hilary tells Devon she needed to see him.

Cane catches Colin ending a meeting with Kurz and asks what that was all about. "Don't say it was nothing."

Nick tells Sharon there are some things they didn't know about Mariah, things Mariah doesn't even know.

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