Noah arrives at Sharon's house to find her 'taking out the trash'. She explains that Mariah tried to seduce his father. Noah is surprised that Mariah would think he'd go for that given that she looks like Cassie. Sharon takes partial blame for being taken in by her. Faith overhears Sharon say she threw Mariah out and asks why she made her leave. Sharon explains that it's best for everyone. Faith misses Summer and now Mariah's gone too. Noah reassures her. He credits Sharon for being a good person and giving Mariah the benefit of the doubt. She admits it was partly because of her resemblance to Cassie. She says Victor caused all this pain and heads out. Noah leaves Nick a message.

At the Club, Mariah places a frantic call to Ian to say everything is falling apart. Kevin appears. She says she is angry at herself for screwing up something good. Kevin understands - messing up is the one thing he's consistently good at. Mariah says she plans to leave town. Kevin wants to go with her. He offers a road trip on his Harley. Up at the Dive Bar, Jack assures Kelly he's ready to take the next step together. She replies, "Well I'm not." He tries to make a case for moving in together. Kelly laughs - she thought he was going to propose. Jack asks, "Ya wanna shack up?" She can't refuse. They debate, and ultimately decide she'll move into the Abbott mansion. Jack wants to tell Summer first - together. In the dining room, Leslie complains to Michael and Lauren that Barton is stuck at the hospital. Lauren understands men working a lot. Once alone, Lauren suggests to Michael that he see Barton - as a patient. Michael insists his issue is just working too hard. He promises more quality time together. Michael walks over and encounters Kevin and Mariah, who agree to meet at the coffeehouse in an hour. Mariah gets a text from Ian that he'll be back to his suite soon and all hope is not lost. Michael drags Kevin over to Lauren, where they complain about his motorcycle. Kevin argues that he deserves some fun and adds that he wants to get out of town for a while. Michael thinks it all sounds rash. They bicker until Kevin takes off.

At a hospital in Madison, Nick seeks access to adoption records by flirting with a staff member. He learns the name of the doctor on duty when Sharon gave birth. The woman says Dr. Hill went to teach at Madison University. Nick calls Victor's investigator.

At the courthouse, Summer assures Austin she'll find a way to pay his fine. Victor appears and says Summer need not rely on Jack Abbott for a thing. Austin says he can't take Victor's money. Victor states that he'll grant Summer limited access to her trust fund. Summer is relieved and happy. Avery arrives - she has news about Phyllis. Daniel has accepted a grant that will take him out of the country and he wants to sign over power-of-attorney to Summer. Summer thinks it sounds weird. Avery too. Victor listens as Avery explains an anonymous donor made the opportunity possible for Daniel. Later, Avery is thinking about a conversation with Summer after Phyllis went into a coma, when Leslie appears. She wants out of their partnership so she can go for the ADA position. Avery reluctantly gives her blessing. They hug.

At Newman-Chancellor, Victor looks at the paperwork for Summer to sign for Phyllis to get the experimental treatment.

At Summer's apartment, she and Austin thank Victor for helping with the trust fund and she signs papers. Jack and Kelly stop in. Jack wonders what the hell Victor is up to now. Victor says he's granting Summer access to some of her trust fund money to pay Austin's fine. Summer finishes signing the papers and Victor leaves. Jack grumbles about not trusting Victor. Summer mentions Daniel going away. Jack looks puzzled. Summer asks why they stopped by. Kelly suggests they go to dinner. Summer says she's taking Austin somewhere.

Nick arrives in Dr. Hill's office in Madison and asks about Helen Copeland. He claims not to remember her, but Nick's not buying it. He wants to know all about Sharon's delivery. The doctor threatens to call security. Nick lets the man know he's got something on him.

Avery arrives at the Club as Lauren is heading to the boutique. Avery tells Michael about Leslie's move and worries about not having a partner. Michael toasts her - she may have just saved his marriage.

Victor finds Sharon waiting in his office at Newman-Chancellor.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Chelsea tells Billy she is taking Connor and her mom and going away for a while.

Nick swipes papers off Dr. Hill's desk and shouts that he'd better stop lying to him.

Sharon hollers at Victor, "You paid her to pretend to be my dead daughter, but oh right, you were justified in doing that." Victor growls, "You're damn right I was."

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