Nikki arrives at the courthouse as Paul gives a statement to the press about not knowing Dylan was his son. "It didn't have to be this way." Nikki apologizes for the reporter at the cabin and says she came to show support. Chris angrily wonders for whom. Nikki gets a call about Victoria and leaves.

At Crimson Lights, Dylan and Avery argue about her supporting Austin. He wonders why it is that she can stand up for everybody except herself. They debate and Dylan insists Austin needs to pay.

At home, Summer and Austin prepare for his trial. Outside the door, Jack comes upon Victor, who is talking about Phyllis on the phone. He says, "I should have known you'd pull something like this." He's referring to Victor showing up at Summer's apartment. They bicker. Once inside, Victor clarifies with Austin that he didn't mean to harm Paul Williams before leaving. Jack complains to Austin and Summer about Victor, but Summer defends him. She tells Jack she's holding out hope for Austin just like he's holding out hope for her mom. Jack gives Summer a good luck charm Phyllis bought in Istanbul.

At Neil's apartment, Lily complains to Cane that the place is a deathtrap. Lily says she warned him Hilary would ruin his life and now she has. Outside, Neil, Devon and Hilary arrive. Neil talks about belonging at home in bed beside his wife. Hilary and Devon exchange a look. Once inside, Neil seems overwhelmed by everything. He wants to get his own glass of water and crashes into a table. He yells at Lily for moving it. He hollers about being treated like a child or an invalid. Cane straightens him out and they leave. Neil goes to the kitchen and Hilary and Devon whisper about their predicament. She has to be there for her husband. "I"m sorry, Devon." Devon goes. Neil rejoins Hilary and feels bad about his behavior. Hilary reassures him. They embrace and Hilary looks at a family photo.

Billy arrives in Vikki's hospital room. Stitch says he called him. She thanks him. He leaves. Billy and Vikki talk about her high-risk pregnancy and how scary it is. They marvel at her miracle pregnancy. She wonders if he'll feel as in love with the baby if it's not his. Billy admits he'll be jealous, but the baby won't be any less of a gift. "That baby hit the mommy jackpot." Nikki enters. Vikki reassures her and Billy steps out. Victor appears. "What have you done to Victoria now?" They bicker. Billy brings up Stitch. Victor says neither of them are worthy of Victoria. Nikki and Victor fawn over Victoria and Victor supports her working at Newman-Chancellor.

At the Club, Ben tells Kelly he terminated his residency at the hospital today. They talk about Vikki's miscarriage scare. She wonders why he's not with her. He says she's with Billy now. Kelly gives him a pep talk about Victoria and urges him to fight for her. He deserves happiness. Up at the Dive Bar, Cane tells Lily to give Neil time to deal with his struggle. She worries he'll drink and is concerned about Hilary hurting him. By the Club bar, Nikki spots Devon and asks him to keep mum about her being at that bar the other night. Victor overhears part of the conversation and wonders what she's talking about. Devon covers by discussing Neil. Victor thinks Nikki seems anxious and reassures her.

Avery and Dylan greet Paul at the courthouse. Paul says Nikki's at the hospital with Victoria. Christine tells Dylan his testimony should put Austin away. Austin, Summer, and Jack arrive. Austin tells Paul he's glad he's okay and apologizes to him and Dylan. He wishes none of it had happened and that one day they'll forgive him. Jack is proud. Summer complains that Christine's out to get him. Avery reassures her. Summer tries to defend Austin to Dylan. Christine hisses that this case is going to trial. Avery points out Chris is emotionally involved. Paul surprises everyone by suggesting he may not testify. He and Christine argue. Dylan gripes that Austin isn't a kid, he's a man. Paul thinks the deferment program deal would serve Austin better. Chris tells him, "This isn't Ricky." Paul knows; it's too late for Ricky, but not for Austin. Paul tells Austin he's agreed to the deal. Leslie beams at Austin and Summer. Austin realizes the fine has to be paid by next week - he may go to prison anyway.

Stitch looks in Victoria's hospital room as she hugs Billy.

At Crimson Lights, Dylan rants about Austin's deal. Avery takes a call about Phyllis.

Jack finds Kelly at Dive Bar and tells her a deal was reached for Austin. He thinks they should tell Summer about them soon. In fact, he wants the whole world to know...

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Sharon tells Noah she threw Mariah out and Faith asks why she made her leave.

Nick asks a man in an office about a former acquaintance of his - Helen Copeland.

Avery tells Summer she got a call about her mom. Victor listens with a knowing look.

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