At the Dive Bar, Abby and Victoria discuss birth options. Victoria says there's no one she would rather have with he when the baby comes into the world. A shirtless Stitch appears. Abby asks, "Are you sure?" Vikki explains why she asked Abby to be her birth coach. Stitch is fine with it. He says he'd never do anything to hurt her. Abby guffaws. Vikki leaves. Abby calls Stitch a murderer. Stitch says what happened with his father wasn't pre-meditated. He shares that he was deployed when Max was born so he compiled tips and songs for Jenna. He shares them with Abby, who is moved a bit by this. She tells him she once thought he'd be good with her mother - she can't see Victoria with anyone but Billy. They bicker about his father again. Stitch says good people sometimes have to do bad things. Abby says she's made mistakes, but never killed anyone. Abby encourages Stitch to walk away from Victoria and rants about him lying about who he was. Stitch hisses, "You don't know a damn thing about me." He makes it clear he's paying dearly for what he did. Abby says Victoria doesn't want her child raised by him, just like Jenna.

At home, Nick listens to a recording of Helen talking to Ian. Sharon appears. "Is everything okay?" Nick says it's okay, he's got this. Sharon leaves. Mariah appears and crows about her tips from last night. Nick flashes to a young Cassie. Mariah asks what he was thinking, but he says nothing. He tells her Sharon will be late tonight. She goes out. Nick thinks about Helen saying she didn't want Mariah - she was all Ian's idea. Nick calls someone and says he needs their help - he'll send the Newman jet. Sharon returns - her meeting was cancelled. They talk about Cassie and how Mariah is filling the void for her. Sharon says they shared ice cream and it was like she was sitting there with Cassie. Nick seems rattled. He promises when he figures everything out he'll tell her. He leaves. Later, Mariah returns and hears Sharon in the kitchen. She assumes it's Nick, looks at her bag, and smiles. "Perfect." After, she comes downstairs in lingerie and calls out, "I have a surprise for you!" She finds herself face-to-face with Sharon.

At the hospital, Devon sits with Hilary, who tells him Neil can go home today. Devon says Cane and Lily are there making it more user-friendly. Hilary blames herself for Neil being blind. Devon reassures her. They agree when Neil gets his sight back, they'll tell him the truth. Devon wonders what happens if he doesn't. A nurse appears and assumes Hilary and Devon are Neil's daughter and her husband. Hilary worries they're obvious. Devon says no one will find out about them. Meanwhile, Neil gets a visit from a social worker who tells him about adjustments he'll have to make now that he's blind. Neil says he's not blind. They argue about the reality of his situation. Neil refuses to accept blindness. Once Brian Lynch has left, Neil listens to the voicemail from Hilary saying they need to meet. Hilary and Devon go in. Neil asks about her voicemail - she sounded upset. Hilary stammers. Devon lies that Hilary lost her ring down the drain, but they got it back. Neil tells her there's nothing she could do he won't forgive. Devon leaves while Hilary helps Neil dress. They wheel him out and Devon looks concerned.

In the park, Chelsea tells Billy she can't come up with a new design. They talk about Connor's birthday. Chelsea says the ball wasn't from Victor. Billy knows it wasn't from Jack. Chelsea wonders who sent it. Billy muses that maybe they'll call. Billy makes her laugh with funny ideas for designs and they move in for a kiss. Victoria appears. Awkward small talk ensues. Billy stands up and assures Victoria she wasn't interrupting anything important. He asks to see Johnny. Victoria says she's taking him to her work. "I went back to Newman-Chancellor." Billy is aghast. He can't think of anything more stressful than working for Victor. Victoria says it felt great. Chelsea backs her up, but Victoria tells her not to. Billy offers support to Victoria and talks to the unborn baby. Chelsea looks miserable. Billy and Chelsea leave together and Victoria gets a pain.

At the Club, Nick goes to the door of a suite and says, "Thank God you're here."

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Mariah says to Sharon, "I didn't have to drive you insane. You were there long before I came into the picture."

Billy tells Chelsea he's known all along he couldn't raise Stitch's kid.

Victoria tells Stitch, "The baby. There's something wrong."

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