At the Club, Jack finds Kelly distraught. She fills him in on Neil's accident. Jack tells her he said goodbye to Phyllis and now he can move on. "With you." They discuss it. Kelly says Phyllis is part of what made him who he is. Jack's at peace with the situation.

Paul joins Avery and Dylan at Crimson Lights. They talk about Nikki being stubborn. Paul asks about the broken furniture. Avery explains that Ian upset Dylan. She lets them talk. Paul asks Dylan what's going on with him and they talk about going from where they were to being father and son. Dylan says they can't force it. Paul thinks he can make room in his life, but Dylan says he's not there yet. Paul will hold onto hope. They discuss Austin and agree they can't wait to see him pay.

At home, Mariah listens as Sharon explains to Faith that she had to come home from the sleepover because she was telling the other children she's a love child. Sharon says it's not necessarily a nice thing. Faith counters that if they'd get married, people would stop asking her about it. Sharon defends being unmarried. After, Mariah asks Sharon about marrying Nick. Sharon says it's her who is putting it off. Mariah looks at their wedding picture and leaves.

Nick pours Helen Copeland a bourbon at The Underground. He wants answers about Mariah. They bicker about Helen asking Mariah for money. She snipes about him being born with a silver sippy cup in his mouth. Nick is more concerned with her association with Ian Ward - he wants to know all about their connection to him. Helen denies any involvement with Ian. Nick isn't buying it. He wants to know why Mariah, his dead daughter's lookalike, would be gaslighting Sharon. Helen thinks the lookalike thing is a coincidence. Nick lays into her about leaving Mariah with Ian. Helen blurts that she didn't want her - she was all Ian's idea.

Avery runs into Jack and Kelly at the Club. They discuss Austin's upcoming trial and how difficult it's been for Summer. Jack decides he'll check on her later. Avery notes them holding hands and politely goes. Jack tells Kelly that Avery's come to terms with Phyllis' condition. Leslie arrives to meet Avery. She's upset about Neil. Leslie than asks Avery to help her keep Austin Travers out of jail with a letter. Avery has to consider how Dylan would react...and Paul and Christine. Leslie reminds her he'd be in with rapists and killers, and that she's always been about justice.

In Georgia, the nurse chats to Phyllis about her fiance's visit and says they're taking good care of her engagement ring. She talks about Summer. "You and her father must be very proud." Phyllis' vitals spike.

At their apartment, Austin and Summer celebrate Valentine's Day together. She gets a call from Jack - there's no change with Phyllis. She asks him not to come over, but thanks him for calling. Summer and Austin talk about their moms. Summer gifts him with a day planner with special dates marked. She makes him happier than he ever thought he could be. They make love and exchange, "I love yous."

Still at the Club, Jack tells Kelly that Summer seems to be willing herself to keep it together. They talk about how Summer will react to Jack moving on. Jack thinks she'll be angry, but will come around. Kelly agrees to go home with him.

In the park, Ian tells Helen he doesn't want he contacting Mariah. Helen suggests he shut up and listen. She tells him Nick Newman called her here and asked a lot of questions. Nick listens from behind a bush as Ian says he hopes she kept her mouth shut. Helen assures Ian that Nick has no idea who Mariah really is.

Avery returns to Crimson Lights as Paul leaves. Dylan says things are awkward, but they agreed on Austin. Avery blurts that she agreed to write a letter of support for Austin. He slams into the back.

Mariah rushes into the empty Underground and calls for Nick. She imagines him appearing and kissing her.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Ben tells Abby he won't walk away from Victoria just because she thinks he should. Abby says, "Then walk away because she wants you to."

Billy is stunned when Victoria tells him she went back to Newman-Chancellor.

Sharon asks Nick, "Did something happen? With Mariah?"

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