Hilary enters Neil's hospital room. He realizes he's blind. Outside the door, Lily tells Cane she's going in. She enters, followed by Devon and Cane. Neil is panicking. "I can't see anything." Dr. Shelby rushes in and looks in Neil's eyes. He orders the room cleared to speak to Neil alone. Outside the door, Cane reassures the others. Shelby comes out and Hilary asks when Neil will see again. He says Neil will be assessed by an expert shortly. Cane and Lily walk off and Devon assures Hilary they'll get through this together. She smacks him and rants about Neil's situation. Devon says they're all scared but will get through it. Hilary makes it clear she's all about Neil right now. The specialist checks Neil and tells the family the loss of vision could be permanent. Devon takes Lily into Neil's room. Neil says he'll wake up and his vision will return. He asks to talk to Devon alone. Outside, Hilary cries to Cane that she shouldn't have waited. He asks, "Waited for what?" Lily reappears. Inside, Neil tells Devon he's scared and asks him to look after Hilary. Neil is concerned about her thinking this is a bad sign for the marriage or blame herself. Devon agrees to look out for Hilary. He rejoins the others. They all agree to keep the faith.

Sharon arrives at home with a new outfit for Mariah. Nick wonders if it's a reward for her lying about her mother. Sharon wants to show they care. She feels family is what will make Mariah into the young woman she's supposed to be. Sharon goes on about Mariah's future and suggests she could move into the tackhouse. Nick isn't into making long-term plans for the girl. Sharon heads back out. Nick phones someone and asks for a call back - it's about Mariah.

Paul and Christine canoodle in the cabin. They talk about Nikki. Paul says she was warning them, but Chris sneers that she wanted someone to save her. They start kissing when there's a knock - it's a reporter asking, "Have you seen your lover's diary, Paul?" Paul throws the guy out. Christine says this is all Nikki's fault. She gets their phones. "Welcome back to reality." Paul assures her that no matter what happens, she's the love of his life. Chris returns the sentiment.

At Newman, Victor hollers into the phone, threatening to put the Inquisitor out of business. A shaky Nikki enters and complains about him poking the tiger. Victor says she can lean on him. Nikki settles down. Victor tells her his trip was productive - it could be a good thing for a lot of people. Talk returns to the tabloid. Victor is reassuring, but Nikki feels she's out of her reserves. She talks about visiting Paul and Dylan driving her home. Victor's glad they looked after her. He steps out and returns to find Nikki holding his glass of scotch. Nikki covers by complaining about him not using a coaster. Victor takes her home.

Sharon visits Cassie's grave - she just needs to be with her and catch up. She talks about Faith growing up and the life Cassie should have had. Sharon tells Cassie she's not broken and has many people to care about, including Mariah. Sharon goes on about Mariah and flashes to Cassie being little. She's grateful for the time she had with her. Sharon says Mariah reminds her of Cassie, but it doesn't hurt. She says she'll bring her next time.

At The Underground, Mariah tells Nick about her mother knowing her way around a cocktail shaker in addition to being a nurse. Nick asks questions about her mother. She wonders why he cares. He says, "I care about you." Mariah shrugs off her mother's behavior. "I survived." She says it was like her and Helen were from different planets. Nick is puzzled at Helen's lack of maternal instincts. He sends Mariah home. Later, Helen Copeland arrives.

Mariah arrives home to find Sharon eating out of a carton of ice cream. She joins her and they ask about each other's day. Sharon loves this - they're like family now. Mariah doesn't respond.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Jack tells Kelly he said goodbye to Phyllis and now he can move on...with her.

Ian asks Helen, "How much does he know?" Helen tells him, "Nick has no idea who Mariah really is."

Mariah tells Nick, "You can't marry Sharon. Even if she accepts, you can't go through with it."

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