At the hospital, Hilary is frantic about Neil. Cane meets Lily and Devon as they arrive. Devon and Hilary exchange a look. Lily wants to know why Neil was in an old house, and how they found him. Dr. Shelby can't promise that Neil will be okay just yet, but says his heart is okay. If he has internal injuries it's a game-changer. Lily demands to know what happened. Hilary also asks about the house. Cane says he bought the house as a surprise for Hilary. Lily hisses at Hilary, "This is all your fault!" Hilary cries that she had no idea. Lily cries that she's poison and Devon intervenes. Cane finally tells Lily he's the reason this happened. Devon assures Hilary it's not her fault. Devon says it's a freak accident. Dr. Shelby reappears - Neil's clear for internal injuries but remains unconscious. Hilary and Devon step away to discuss things. Devon promises everything will be okay. He embraces her and Lily and Cane see them. Lily complains to Cane that Devon is falling for her act. Shelby says Neil is waking up and wants his wife. Hilary goes in and finds out Neil can't see.

In the interrogation room, Lauren acts seductively toward Michael, who throws her onto the table briefly before warning his client will be along shortly. They plan to have sex all over the house later. In the station room, Kevin is writing his story when Esther arrives - she's come because Chloe sent her a package containing an envelope for him. Lauren and Michael join them. Lauren leaves with Esther. Kevin finds divorce papers in his envelope. He vows to fight this - it can't be what she wants. Nearby, Harding warns Courtney to stick to her guns in the Austin Travers trial. When he insinuates she's weak, Noah appears and tells him to leave her alone. They bicker. Courtney intervenes and tells Harding to save it until tomorrow. Harding moves on to Kevin, noting that he's fighting to stay married to a nut job. Kevin lunges. Michael intervenes, hollering at Kevin manically not to do this. Once alone, Kevin tells Michael he'll have Chloe declared incompetent to stall the divorce. Michael advises against it. Kevin reminds Michael he fought for Lauren, and he'll do the same. Kevin takes off carrying a motorcycle helmet.

Colin and Jill arrive at the Chancellor Estate lamenting the end of their vacation. Jill wonders what the big emergency was that Esther called them back about. They spot an envelope bearing Katherine's handwriting. Jill opens it and finds a letter she left to be read one year after her death. She tells her to wear her necklace well and think of her when she does. She also asks a favor - throw a party to commemorate it being a year since she left. Katherine's left instructions. Jill sniffs that the old battleaxe is still issuing orders. She senses Colin is unnerved because nothing troubling happened. Esther arrives and Jill takes her in the other room to fill her in. Kurtz appears with a gun behind Colin. "Welcome home." Colin reminds him who he's dealing with as they hear Lauren arriving at the door. Kurtz thinks the ladies should join them. Colin reminds him his bosses won't get a penny if he's dead. Kurtz threatens to harm Jill. Colin warns against it. Jill and Lauren enter the parlor to talk business with Colin and find it empty. They sit and chat. Jill wonders where Colin got to, and Lauren talks about her and Michael having no time for sex. They laugh as Jill says they should have joined them in the Caribbean. Lauren confides she has a plan to make magic.

In the park, Colin offers to steal some gems off the necklace to settle his debt. Kurtz has another way for him to pay off his entire debt. "It's not you who will be doing the giving. It's your wife." The bosses need someone to do a job - that's where Jill comes in.

Noah and Courtney are at The Underground when Harding enters. Courtney urges Noah to ignore him. Noah thinks Harding gives her grief because he's into her. Courtney doesn't think so, but Noah convinces her. Noah leaves and Courtney goes over to tell Harding that Noah makes her happy. His date appears. Harding smirks. "Glad to hear it." Courtney stalks back to Noah and informs him he made things worse. He offers to apologize by way of massage oils.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Hilary tells Devon. "There is no us. Right now, all there is, is Neil."

Paul opens the cabin door to a reporter who asks, "Hey, have you seen your lover's diary, Paul?" Christine gapes.

Victor discovers Nikki holding a drink at Newman. "What are you doing?"

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