At Paul and Christine's honeymoon cabin, he compliments Nikki on helping him solve the jigsaw puzzle as Chris winces. She makes it clear Nikki interrupted their honeymoon and that she should have turned to her own husband. Nikki says she was hoping Chris might help with Ian. Chris learns Michael already gave her advice and gets angry. Nikki walks to the door but gets lightheaded. Paul help her as Chris rolls her eyes. Chris wonders who she should call.

In Georgia, Victor checks in at the facility about Phyllis being included in the drug trial. He says he'll take care of getting the family's permission. Meanwhile, Jack sits with her, telling her how beautiful she is and that he came to say goodbye. It breaks his heart that she's living this way. He tears up talking about what their wedding would have been like and steps out. He asks the doctor about Phyllis' state as Victor listens. The doctor says all conventional methods have failed - he's sorry. Jack returns to Phyllis and tells her they have to face the reality that she's not waking up. He'll take care of Summer. Meanwhile, Victor tells the doctor Jack could have accessed the information about the trial, but he did it. In the room, Jack tells Phyllis he met someone else but she'll always be in his heart. He leaves crying. Phyllis' arm jerks.

At the penthouse, Chelsea tears up telling Kevin how much Connor looks like his dad. Adam watches by video as they discuss Connor's birthday. Kevin wonders if Billy will help celebrate. Chelsea rolls her eyes. Adam closes his laptop and his man warns him against trying to go to the park - it's too soon.

At the hospital, Victoria tells her unborn child she can't sleep because of the stuff with Billy and Ben. Stitch appears - he's meeting with the board. He's expecting to never be able to practice again. He apologizes for not being honest. Victoria tells him she's there for an ultrasound. Abby appears and complains about Stitch being included. Ben explains he's not. Vikki wishes him good luck with the board. In her appointment, Victoria is asked to file a birth plan. Abby pushes her to include Billy. Victoria doesn't want to deal with Billy's pain. Abby backs off. Victoria convinces her to be her birth coach. During the ultrasound, Abby decides it must be a girl.

At Crimson Lights, Dylan rants to Billy about Ian. Billy rants about Stitch. Avery appears and says he paid for his crime. Billy says he still lied to everyone. Dylan says he's been lied to a lot. Chelsea appears - she's one of those people. She apologizes again. Dylan realizes it's Connor's birthday. He declines her offer for him and Avery to celebrate. Chelsea and Billy leave. Avery presses Dylan about seeing a therapist. Paul calls. Dylan goes and Stitch comes in. He tells Avery he got kicked out of his residency program. Avery offers legal advice on a trade - she needs advice on PTSD. She wants to help Dylan. Stitch agrees he should go to therapy - he's getting hit from all sides.

In the park, Billy makes a crack about Adam as they prepare the party. Chelsea doesn't want to argue about him on Connor's birthday. Kevin appears with Jeffrey and Connor. Kevin makes special note of Billy's presence. Connor gets a stuffed animal that reminds Billy and Kevin of Delia's Pinkerton. A clown with balloons appears. Billy takes Connor, who calls him 'Da Da'. Everyone looks awkward. Kevin understands why Connor is confused. Chelsea thanks Jeffrey for hiring the clown, but it wasn't him. The clown has disappeared. Billy tells Kevin that Stitch gave his boss the file himself. Billy says it wasn't a noble win, and he doesn't have Victoria back - he'll never stop wanting a life with her.

Dylan arrives at the cabin to learn Nikki had a small flare-up of MS. Nikki takes a call from Victor and tells him about the tabloid. Dylan and Paul whisper about dealing with Ian. Paul doesn't want to lose his son because he does something stupid. Later, Chris is furious about Nikki. She can't understand why Paul isn't angry with her for depriving him of his son. Paul won't turn his back on Nikki. Chris says Nikki's pain isn't her concern - she nearly lost him. They embrace.

At Crimson Lights, Dylan tells Stitch that Nikki almost fainted. She admits she's been stressed. Stitch gets it. He shares about his situation at the hospital. He tells Nikki and Dylan both to take care of themselves. Dylan reassures Nikki about the journal.

In an undisclosed location, Adam plays a video of Connor calling Billy 'Da Da' repeatedly.

At the penthouse, there's a soccer ball for Connor. Billy assumes it's from Victor and warns Chelsea he'll want something in return.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Colin is welcomed home at gunpoint.

Lily sees Devon and Hilary embrace.

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