Summer arrives at home to find Austin has set up a Christmas tree. "Merry Christmas." She loves that he's giving her the holiday they may not get to share. He gives her a present and says he sold his camera to buy it. It's the ring he feels she deserves. Summer cries. She pulls out a surprise she'd bought for him - a telephoto lens for the camera he no longer has. They laugh and kiss under the mistletoe.

At the Abbott house, Kelly tells Jack she's proud as he prepares to go to Georgia. They talk about what this trip means for them. Kelly worries that in her experience, if something seems too good to be true, it usually is. Jack reassures her.

At the Club, Ian looks concerned when Mariah tells him her mother called. He hopes she doesn't visit - Helen doesn't have Mariah's best interests at heart like he does. They talk about their bond. She mentions him losing in court. He says he's hardly defeated. Mariah chastises Ian for allowing Faith to get hurt in the tabloid scandal and talk a lot about Nick. Ian warns her not to screw things up. At the bar, Cane tells Lily they've made a huge profit. They celebrate their achievement together and talk about getting a suite.

At The Underground, Nick tries unsuccessfully to get a contact number for Helen Copeland. Sharon arrives. They talk about her needing a new therapist. Sharon feels betrayed - Dr. Meade was the only person she felt she could trust, besides Nick. Nick urges her to stay in therapy and on her meds. She will. They talk about Faith getting caught up in Nikki's scandal. Nick feels Ian did all this on purpose and is a menace. Sharon says Mariah sees it differently - they need to show her what a great home she has with them. Later, Mariah arrives and apologizes to Nick for lying about her mother. Nick wants to talk about Helen Copeland. Mariah distracts him by saying she's realized Ian has more to one side to him. Nick is glad she has seen the light about Ian - he doesn't want him around anyone he cares about. Mariah tells herself she'll make Nick care about her.

At the bar, Hilary gets Neil's voicemail and hangs up. She tells Devon she can't leave him a message saying as much as she loves him their marriage was a mistake. The next time she leaves a message that she'd like to meet at home. Devon reassures her. Hilary says he'll have to tell Lily. Devon's not looking forward to it, but knows Neil will need her.

In Georgia, Victor calls from his room to check on Phyllis's status. He then talks to someone about Daniel accepting a grant and having to leave Phyllis' side. He tells himself he'll make sure Phyllis is one of the lucky ones and heads out.

Devon arrives at the Club and approaches Lily at the bar with something to tell her. She says Cane already told her the good news about the Club, but then realizes that wasn't what he wanted to tell her. Meanwhile, Hilary stops Cane and tells him she's desperate to find Neil. In the dining room, Sharon and Ian face-off over Faith being hurt by the tabloid story. Ian tells Sharon Helen Copeland's not to be trusted and says he's grateful Mariah has Sharon in her life since she's susceptible to bad influences. They talk about Nick. Ian warns he needs to be a father figure. Sharon sneers that he can offer something Ian never could and leaves. Kelly arrives and leaves Jack a phone message that she loves him.

At the new house, Neil has been electrocuted by the fuse panel and lies unconscious on the floor. Cane arrives with Hilary. She tends to Neil while Cane makes calls.

Jack arrives at Phyllis' room in Georgia. He takes her hand and says, "It's good to see you, Red."

At the Club bar, Lily takes a call from Cane about Neil. Devon asks, "What happened?"

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Chelsea tells Billy she doesn't feel like arguing about her dead husband on her son's birthday.

Christine says to Nikki, "Shouldn't you be looking to your own husband at a time like this?"

Victor listens as the doctor assures Jack they're doing all they can for Phyllis.

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