Avery finds Dylan trashing Crimson Lights. Clean up ensues and Dylan admits Ian came by and goaded him. He rants about the things Ian said. Avery suggests he go back to therapy. Dylan says he handled his anger by not killing Ian.

At Jabot, Jack gets a call and tells Abby, Traci, and Billy that Ashley wasn't on the plane to join their family gathering. They talk about their love lives and Jack blurts that he's in love with Kelly and it's time for him to let go of Phyllis. Billy wonders if he's sure. Jack can't stay in limbo. Traci wants Jack to be happy, but Abby still has reservations about Kelly. Once alone, Jack warns Billy not to start in on Kelly. Billy feels he has no room to criticize. He admits he's had sex more than once with Chelsea, who he cares a friend. Jack is talking about Billy getting through his grief when Traci and Abby return. They have a group hug. Billy goes. Abby wonders if she should buy a black dress for Jack's wedding. Jack and Traci chide her. Abby tells them about her date with Devon, who admitted he was in love with a married woman. Jack urges her not to shut the door on love. Abby leaves and Jack and Traci marvel over him finding love again.

At the Club, Cane talks to Devon about a file but he's distracted by Neil and Hilary dining nearby. He flashes to asking Hilary to meet him at a bar later. Devon and Hilary exchange a look when Neil leaves the table. When Neil returns, he talks to Hilary about surprises again. She says he's wonderful. Neil tells her to go on to work while he works on the surprise. Cane watches her leave and Neil invites him to see the new house. Cane reiterates that he's not in favor of this, but agrees.

In the park, Chelsea watches Stitch check a skateboarder's injury. After, he asks if she'll report him to the hospital board for practicing medicine without a license. He tells Chelsea that Billy and Victoria are closer to getting back together. He hopes that's what she wanted. They bicker. Chelsea tells Stitch he deserved what happened, but she does have compassion for him. Stitch says she tore his life apart. She blurts that he's not the only one who lost something. Stitch says he thought so. Billy appears so Stitch goes. Chelsea invites Billy to celebrate Connor's birthday. He accepts.

At the out-of-the-way bar, Nikki contemplates her vodka martini. She raises the glass to her lips but Devon enters. She hastily puts it down. The bartender thinks she looks familiar. She glances at the tabloid and leaves Victor another message. Next, she starts to leave Paul a voicemail, but then has a better idea. She leaves. Later, Devon is paying when Hilary walks in. They embrace. She couldn't let him leave town. Devon says she's given him every reason to stay. They kiss. Hilary talks about how she tried to stop this, but loves him. Devon says he loves her too. They agree to tell Neil the truth and make a clean break. They both hate hurting him. Hilary declares that she'll do it - alone.

In their belated-honeymoon cabin, Christine tells Paul that the rest of the world can carry on without him for awhile. They embrace. Paul wonders what's going on back home. He accuses Chris of hiding his cellphone. She laughs that he won't find it. Paul worries about emergencies. She assures him she's checking in. Paul ponders how Dylan is doing. Chris gets frustrated, and then suggests they go fishing. Later, Chris goes to the store and Nikki arrives. She tells Paul about the tabloid and says they have to do something about Ian. She becomes distraught. Paul is holding her in his arms when Chris returns.

At home, Avery tells Dylan he needs to rest. They kiss. He tries to sleep and flashes to the war. He wakes up sweating.

Neil shows Cane around the new house and talks abut Hilary not believing she deserves it. Cane muses there must be a reason. Neil she'll be happy there - he'll see to it. The power goes out and Cane finds a wiring problem. He warns Neil he will need to get that fixed. Neil wants the house to be perfect. Once Neil is alone, the lights fizzle out again. He gets electrocuted trying to fix the fuse panel and falls to the floor unconscious.

Genoa City Spoilers for Next Week on The Young and the Restless:

Jack tells Kelly that by saying goodbye to Phyllis, he's also saying hello to a new future with her. He doesn't take that lightly.

Ian looks very concerned when Mariah tells him, "Mom called."

Hilary says to Devon, "How am I supposed to leave a message saying 'as much as I love you, our marriage was a mistake'?"

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