At the park, Devon bumps into Hilary. She doesn't think it's by chance and asks if his new girlfriend knows he's stalking his father's wife. They bicker about who is more connected to the park and then about his date with Abby. He alludes to having had sex with Abby and she says she's happy for him. He wonders, "Who is the worst liar? You or me?" He admits he and Abby are just friends. Hilary drops her files and their hands touch as they reach to retrieve them. She tells him Neil is planning some big surprise and she told him she didn't deserve it. She feels guilty about her feelings for Devon. Devon says Neil is going to figure this out. Something needs to happen - now. He gives Hilary the address of a little known bar and asks her to meet him there - otherwise he'll leave town.

As Nikki has breakfast with Faith at the Club, Ian appears. They snipe at each other and Ian hands Nikki a tabloid paper containing a story on her. Nikki takes Ian aside and hisses at him about leaking her journal. He denies it. When he reads a disturbing passage out loud and she curses at him. Ian mentions the lustier passages about Paul and Nikki cries for him to get out. She calls Victor and leaves him a voicemail to call and returns to Faith. Reporters appear and ask about her giving away her love child. Faith asks, "You gave away Uncle Dylan?"

At Crimson Lights, Avery has something to tell Dylan but wants him to promise not to freak out. She shows him the tabloid story on Nikki and laments that no one can go off on Ian. He thinks she's fired up enough for both of them. They decide to go see Ian together.

Avery and Dylan arrive at the Club and run off the reporters. Dylan reassures Nikki about what Faith heard. Avery says she's working on a cease and desist order. Dylan offers to watch Faith so Nikki can find Michael. Faith won't kiss Nikki goodbye. Dylan tells Avery that Ian exploiting Nikki makes him sick. Later, at the bar, Ian denies leaking Nikki's journal to a skeptical David Sherman. He then talks about watching what happens to Nikki and her bastard child.

At the park, Faith asks Avery and Dylan what a love child is, and Avery stammers. Dylan jumps in to tell her that Nikki didn't give him away, she gave him a great life. Faith says she would never give him away.

Nick angrily bursts into Victor's office to confront him but finds Victoria there. She asks, "What did Dad do now?" Nick sneers at her going back to work there. She says someone has to be there while Victor's away on business. Nick wants to tell her about the latest stunt he's pulled - he tried to squeeze information out of Sharon's therapist and she had to fire her. Victoria agrees it's despicable, but she still wants to work there. It's where she needs to be. Nick agrees to back off. They discuss him trusting Mariah. Nick says he's following a trail to her past and thinks she's just a misguided kid. Victoria thinks he should sleep with one eye open. She gets a call and brings up the tabloid report on Nikki. Nick gets on the phone and finds out about the scene at the Club. He wants Ian Ward to go away.

Dylan returns to the coffee house to find Ian there waiting to commiserate about the tabloid story. He needles Dylan about having two mothers who lied. Dylan breathes deeply. Ian suggests that Paul may have leaked the diary and Dylan snaps. "Get out!" After, he smashes up the place.

At home, Michael wakes up and realizes he slept through Lauren's lingerie show and feels bad. Lauren says she fell asleep right after him. They kiss. Michael talks about needing Lauren to know how much he loves her and values their days together...and nights. Lauren changes into the lingerie and they start kissing. The doorbell goes repeatedly - it's Nikki. She sobs to Michael about the tabloid. Michael realizes Ian got the diary in discovery. As he gets on the phone, Avery arrives and tries to reassure Nikki. Lauren tells Nikki she can bear this and reminds her of her own scandal. "We're survivors." Nikki is pleased to hear the tabloid has been stopped but feels the damaged has been done. Nikki wants Ian to pay. They try to talk her down. Later, Nick and Victoria arrive, but Nikki has gone. They phone her and she reassures them she's fine.

At an out of the way bar, Nikki hangs up from Nick and Victoria and orders a vodka martini.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Chelsea says to Stitch, "If you're trying to punish me for exposing your deep dark secrets well you know what? You deserved it."

Paul wonders how Dylan is doing. Christine replies, "You don't have to worry about Dylan!"

Avery finds Dylan trashing his coffee house.

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