At Crimson Lights, Kevin is stunned to at Mariah's resemblance to Cassie. She warns him not to say it and snaps that she's sick of hearing it. Kevin muses that she must be having as bad a day as he is. They bond over possibly losing their jobs, having cursed lives, and reading the same book. Kevin muses that you can't escape reality, and Mariah says she needs to go.

At The Underground, Nick tells Sharon that Mariah lied to her. They discuss Mariah's mother. Sharon can understand Mariah acting like she was dead. Nick insists she's hiding something from her past, but Sharon disagrees. Nick can't trust her. Sharon asks him not to rush to judgement. Nick agrees, but will keep a closer eye on her. Mariah shows up and apologizes. Nick says she gets another chance. "Don't blow it." Sharon leaves for a meeting. Nick grills Mariah about her mother. He asks if there's anything else she they should know. She swears there's nothing. Once alone, Nick searches for Mariah's mother online.

At the Club, Victor tells Stitch he believed in him and can't stand to be made a fool of. He tells Stitch he hurt his family and orders her to stay away from Victoria. Stitch says if the baby's his, he can't do that. He insists there he is still the man Victor thought he was, and there is more to the story. He opens up about his father and things happening he couldn't control when he was young. Stitch vows to be the best father he can if Victoria's baby is his. Victor warns that he'll also be the best father he can be. Later, Victor runs into Sharon's psychiatrist. Sharon appears. "You're talking to Victor about me?" Sharon speaks to Victor alone. She confronts him about trying to uncover her secret. He's sure she'll recover her memory on her own - probably sooner rather than later.

Michael thanks Lauren for meeting him at the station and they wonder where Kevin is - Michael hasn't seen or heard from him. Michael worries that Kevin isn't finished acting out. Lauren leaves Kevin a voicemail. Harding appears and warns them Paul will be told about Kevin's extracurricular activities. He looks forward to watching Kevin self-destruct. Later, Kevin arrives. He assures Michael and Lauren he'll stay out of trouble and promises to call if he needs anything. After, Kevin butts heads with Harding. Kevin mocks him and Harding vows to wipe the smug smirk off his face one day. Kevin starts writing about good triumphing over evil.

In the park, Victoria tells Johnny he's going to have a little brother or sister. Billy appears and Victoria complains about him causing Stitch to lose his job. "Does this make you happy?" They bicker about Stitch and Billy wanting to spread it all around. He says he did it for her. She scoffs. He won't apologize. Victoria hands Johnny over and Billy asks her to join them for ice cream. She agrees and they kiss. As Billy starts talking about a fresh start, Stitch happens along. Billy suggests he leave town. Stitch says he's staying until Victoria knows who the father is and they call each other names. Victoria hisses at them to stop and complains about them causing her stress. They apologize. She leaves with Johnny. Billy and Stitch insult each other. Stitch tells him he can't hurt him anymore. He suggests they avoid each other until the baby's born. He warns when she finds out the baby's paternity, Victoria may not want anything to do with either of them.

At home, Lauren and Michael sip martinis and talk about Michael's stressful week. She reminds him Fen is in Arizona and they're alone. "Whatever shall we do." They imagine a second honeymoon in Venice, Italy and Lauren gets in the mood to try out the boutique's new lingerie. By the time she meets him in the bedroom, he's asleep.

Victoria meets Victor in the Club and he tells her she's worthy of so much more than Billy or Ben. She laughs and says she has an idea - she'll tell him later. At the bar, Sharon fires her psychiatrist for talking to Victor. Sharon walks back by Victor, who has just hung up from checking on the Phyllis situation. She informs Victor she fired her therapist - there's no way he can get to her secrets. Victor muses to himself, "Oh yeah?"

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Nick bursts into Victor's office, "What's with you, Dad!" Victoria is in Victor's chair. "What did Dad do this time?"

Hilary asks Devon, "Does your new girlfriend know that you're stalking your father's wife?"

Nikki shows Michael a tabloid and sobs, "They have my diary! They're shouting it to the world!"

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