At the park, Neil tells Cane he bought the property on the lake. Cane wonders what he wants him to say. Neil thinks he's been pretty opinionated up to now. Cane says he didn't listen to him before, why would he now. They bicker. Neil insists he knows Hilary better than Cane. Cane shrugs that the house just might work. Neil wonders what he means. He goes on about giving Hilary true happiness. Cane hopes it works out.

Austin arrives at the apartment and is questioned by Summer. He says he had something important to take care of and produces Hawaiian gear for a stay-at-home 'honeymoon'. She notes his uncharacteristic enthusiasm and wonders what's up. Austin admits he met with Leslie - a date's been set for his trial. "It's next week." Summer wants to go on the run to Mexico or some Caribbean island. Austin says he needs to take responsibility for what he did. He suggests they live in the moment until the trial. After making love on the sofa, Summer tells Austin she wants to go to Hawaii after this is all over. He agrees.

Sharon arrives home a day early to find Nick talking to Mariah in skimpy clothing. Mariah says she thought she was home alone. Sharon suggests she put on a robe and offers to take her shopping. She wants to talk about her memories. Mariah says she's already told her everything she knows. After, Mariah watches them kiss. Once alone, Nick warns Sharon about getting too attached to Mariah. Sharon thinks it's great how she's trying to make up for everything. Nick reminds her she's attached to Ian, who may use her to get back at Nikki. Sharon doesn't think Mariah would do it. They discuss Faith's obsession with them remarrying. Nick lets Sharon know he'd do it if she changed her mind.

At the Club, Devon tells Lily the rooftop deck is closed for his date with Abby. Lily approves. Abby arrives. Devon takes her to the rooftop, pausing to exchange a look with Hilary on the way. Lily crows to Hilary about Devon's date with Abby and alludes to perhaps getting her dad to move on with a new woman also. Hilary throws a drink on her. "Shut up!" They have a heated exchange. Lily bumps into Mariah on her way to change. She thinks it's 'wrong' how much she looks like Cassie and rants about Nick and Sharon forgiving her. Upstairs, Devon and Abby enjoy a champagne brunch and bond over enjoying their money. He suggests they go out of town next time. When he mentions the US Open in New York Abby deflates. She admits Tyler had gotten them US Open tickets last year. He understands. Abby thinks he's trying to get over Esmerelda, but then realizes there is someone else. Devon admits he fell for a married woman. Abby feels he's right not to get in the middle of a marriage, which is a guaranteed disaster. Downstairs, Sharon and Hilary wait for Neil. Hilary gushes about her life being perfect. Sharon says, "Liar." She knows Neil's kids have stressed her out. Hilary asks why Sharon and Nick aren't married. Neil arrives and alludes to a surprise. Hilary blurts that she doesn't deserve it. Neil loves spoiling her. At the bar, Lily complains to Cane about Hilary. Cane states, "I don't want to hear it!" Lily goes on about how Hilary will break her father's heart. Cane shoots her a look and urges her to stop pushing. They've got their own life to live and he doesn't want the drama.

At The Underground, Nick thanks Mariah, who is wearing a sexy dress, for backing away from helping Sharon with her memories. She asks if there's anything else she can do. He hands her a work t-shirt. "Put the shirt on." Later, Mariah takes a call and tells the person she can't help her with money. "Why did you have me if you never even wanted me, Mom?" Nick appears. "Hey! You told Sharon your mother was dead." She protests that her mother abandoned her repeatedly. She cries that her mom was dead to her.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Stitch calls Billy a selfish jerk. Billy replies, "Lying murderer trumps that."

Kevin gasps when he spots Mariah. She says, "Oh no. Don't say it. I'm so sick of hearing it."

Victor tells Sharon his intention wasn't to hurt her. She says, "Then stay out of my life."

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