At the penthouse, Chelsea comes clean to Billy about keeping the Ben information from him so as not to lose him. She rambles. Billy admits he misses Victoria and wants her back. "But being with you..." Chelsea tells him this had to end - they're messing with their own heads. Billy agrees to no more 'back-fixing'. Chelsea gives him the Stitch file. Billy realizes what it means for Ben. Chelsea says if Ben had half a brain he'd leave town. Billy asks if she'd take Adam back after everything he did. Chelsea says she loved all of him, but after Delia... She wonders why Billy isn't on his way to Victoria right now. Billy admits the file feels like overkill. Chelsea says he needs it to get the woman he wants. Billy sighs to Chelsea that she's not a consolation prize. They agree they want each other to be happy. Later, Chelsea tells Connor she did an unselfish thing. "Yay."

At the Abbott mansion, Kelly sniffles over Jack holding Phyllis' perfume and feeling guilty. They discuss the lives they were supposed to be living and how their relationship brought them out of the dark. Jack acknowledges that they could have so much more, but says they're not there yet. Kelly starts to come unraveled. Jack talks about thinking Phyllis is awake every time the phone rings. He doesn't know what he'd do if that happened now. Jack announces it's time to let go of the past. Kelly asks how. Jack says he thinks he has to leave her - he has to go to Georgia and tell Phyllis. That's how they move on.

At the station, Harding tells Michael he's arresting Kevin. He says 'sticky fingers' stole Barton's medical ID and broke into the hospital's database. Michael argues it's illegal search and seizure. Harding claims he was looking for a file. Kevin and Harding trade snipes. Michael takes Kevin aside to grill him. Kevin says he was doing a favor for a friend and complains he's hacked for the police many times. Michael thinks he had an itch and hacking and stealing is his drug. Kevin says Ben Rayburn will get what he deserves. Michael still thinks this is all about Kevin losing Chloe and making bad choices. Harding returns and Michael accuses him of planting the evidence. Harding insists on locking Kevin up. Michael reassures Kevin, who insists that he was doing Chelsea a favor and would do it again.

At Victoria's house, she tells Ben he killed his father, what is she supposed to do? He wants her to trust what she feels for him and that she's safe with him. Ben tries to explain that his father was a terrible person and an alcoholic. Victoria rants about him not trusting her. Ben gets called to the Club to meet Barton Shelby.

In Georgia, Phyllis' doctor hopes the music her fiance suggested will bring her around. He makes notes about Phyllis being a suitable candidate for Dr. Cutler's trial.

At home, Faith appears before Nick in a wedding dress. She presses for Nick to marry Sharon. Nick tries to explain they are happy without a wedding. Victoria arrives and gets up to speed. Talk turns to the baby. Faith mentions Uncle Billy being a dad. Faith is shooed upstairs. Victoria tells Nick she didn't take the DNA test. Nick is understanding. "Focus on this miracle that's coming." They laugh a bit and Faith appears with hand-me-downs for the baby. Later, Nick tells Victoria he wants her to be happy. She wishes she knew what would do that.

At the Club, Jill and Colin flirt and talk about money and the necklace. He has tickets to the West Indies. Jill realizes she's paying for them. Once she leaves, Kurtz appears and drops the necklace into Colin's glass. "It's a fake." He says Colin has 24 hours to pay his debt or they go to his wife. "That's my boy!" Nearby, Ben meets Barton, who offers him congratulations - he received his promotion. Later, Jill rejoins Colin, who is intent on them getting out of Genoa City. Jill agrees and they leave. Meanwhile, Ben is telling Barton there is something he needs to know when Billy appears with the file.

Genoa City Spoilers for Next Week on The Young and the Restless:

Mariah asks Victoria if she wants to see her Cassie impression. Victoria retorts, "Don't insult my niece by comparing yourself to her."

Ian tells Dylan the judge's ruling is in.

Nikki and Victor look wary as Billy stands beside Ben and says he thought Victor would want to be the first to know the truth about the guy he's been pushing on his daughter.

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