At the Abbott house, Billy apologizes to Jack, who accepts. Jill arrives and discusses the Stitch situation with Billy. He isn't sorry he protected Victoria. They talk about the possibility of a reconciliation with Victoria. Jill realizes Billy thinks she'll turn back to him now and cautions him. Billy thinks if the baby's his, he still has a shot.

At the Club, Stitch tells Kelly he doesn't blame her for his secret coming out - Billy was determined. Kelly thinks the worst is over, but Stitch isn't so sure. Kelly reassures him. Jack appears. Stitch is curt and leaves. Kelly hopes Victoria will give her brother a second chance, but Jack disagrees. They discuss their own relationship. Jack is willing to take on her baggage. She asks him to take her home. In the dining room, Michael and Lauren discuss Fenmore leaving the nest for school. Later, Jill and Lauren talk business but Lauren is distracted. Lauren tells her Fen's going to Arizona State. Jill clucks about cutting the apron strings but admits Billy's still her baby. They bond over always being worried about their sons.

At Avery's apartment, she tells Dylan she understands why Stitch wanted to keep his criminal history in the past. Dylan is upset because he lied. Victoria arrives looking for legal advice. They talk about Dylan's relationship with Stitch. Dylan knows Stitch is not a cold-blooded killer - he's a good guy. Victoria says he's a good liar. Dylan leaves. Victoria asks Avery if she can be forced to take a paternity test by Billy or Stitch. Avery tells her, "Yes." They discuss Stitch. Avery feels he did his time. Victoria says Billy and Ben both betrayed her. Avery agrees to advocate for her to keep her from being stressed until the baby's born.

At the station, Kevin listens as Barton tells Harding that whoever stole his ID used it to hack into the hospital's computer. Harding notices Kevin packing up and clearing out as Barton rants.

At Crimson Lights, Stitch asks Dylan if they're still friends - he hated lying to him. Dylan complains he's been lied to a lot. "You were my best friend...I don't even know your real name." Stitch urges Dylan to trust his instincts about him. Avery appears. She tells Stitch Victoria isn't doing so hot. He leaves. Dylan is still upset Stitch didn't trust him. Avery thinks there's more to it. She points out that Stitch rebuilt his life and became Dylan's best friend - he deserves peace.

At the penthouse, Chelsea leaves Billy a message wondering what he did with the information on Stitch. Kevin arrives and he realizes Chelsea hoped he was Billy. He rants about the felonies he committed getting the goods on Stitch and says he found more. If it came out, the guy's future would be toast. Kevin goes on about him committing fraud multiple times to get into the army and the hospital and gives Chelsea the file.

Victoria lets Billy into the house to see Johnny. She assumes he'll gloat about Ben and insists he call ahead next time. Billy just wants to see his son. Victoria lets him feel the baby kicking. Billy admits he overheard what she told the doctor and says he doesn't want Ben around their son. Victoria hopes he's happy. Billy says she's beautiful. Later, Stitch arrives. He's worried about Victoria's opinion of him. Victoria feels she can't believe a word out of his mouth, and wonders if she's missing something. He nods. "Yes."

Kevin returns to the station and Harding gets in his face about taking breaks. He orders him to find out who compromised the hospital database. Michael arrives to talk to Kevin about Fen. Harding searches Kevin's desk and finds Barton's ID badge. He confronts him with it and places him under arrest.

At Jack's place, Kelly admits she was scared when he said he loved her. They make love. After, she opens up about when her father died and not being able to forgive Ben. She says her mother always took Ben's side. Later, Jack sits with Phyllis' perfume and thinks about telling Kelly he loved her. Kelly finds him and realizes he's feeling guilty.

At the penthouse, Billy tells Chelsea he confronted Stitch. Chelsea says there's more she needs to tell him. She admits she withheld the information because she didn't want to lose him.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Colin grimaces when a man drops the necklace into a wine glass and says, "It's a fake."

Kevin tells Harding, "You cannot lock me up." Harding tells him he can bark all he wants - the judge won't be able to hear him from his holding cell.

Jack tells Kelly he doesn't think he has a choice. "I think I have to leave you."

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