At Jabot, Jack reacts to the news that Kelly and Ben are siblings. She says she gave Jenna information that broke up their marriage - Jenna thought what Ben did was unforgivable and so did she. Kelly tells Jack she and Ben didn't speak for years, but he reached out when Sam died. She hated that he was living an idyllic life after what he did, so she went to Jenna. Jack asks what he did that was so terrible. Kelly sobs. Jack soothes her. Kelly regrets going to Jenna. Jack says people in pain make mistakes. Kelly worries about Jack not wanting her drama. Jack kisses her.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin asks Billy and Chelsea if they want to know what he found online about Ben Rayburn. Billy says this is hurting Victoria - he doesn't want to know. He leaves. Chelsea tells Kevin to spill. Kevin wonders about her motives for helping Billy. She admits she cares about him more than she should. Kevin says it's a tough spot to be in. Chelsea asks what he discovered about Ben Rayburn. Kevin says he graduated high school and died in a car crash. Chelsea asks, "If Ben Rayburn is dead, then who is Stitch?"

At the hospital, Victoria arrives as Victor comforts Nikki. Ben explains about Dylan's infection. Victor calls Nick to come. "Your mother needs you." Nick arrives and hears that Paul is Dylan's father. Nick is outraged about Ian's deception. Nikki agrees to be taken home to rest. Ben admits to Victoria that he's scared at the idea of losing someone else he cares about. Vikki embraces him and asks him to come over tonight. Later, Ben gets a call from Kelly warning him that she told Jack they are siblings, but his secret's still safe.

At the Chancellor Estate, Colin nuzzles Jill's neck. She leaves to meet Billy. Colin's associate arrives looking to collect. "You're all out of time."

At the Club, Ian reminds Leslie her career is at stake - either she files a suit against Nikki Newman or he'll report her to the ethics board. Leslie would rather lose her career than be mixed up with Ian. She storms off and Mariah appears demanding to know if Ian's been playing her like he has everyone else. Ian takes her aside and learns that Nick knows about their connection. Ian reminds her what a wonderful father figure he was and insists the Newmans’ version of events isn’t accurate. He laments Nikki lying to him about Dylan's paternity. Mariah offers to stay away from Nick but Ian wants her and Sharon to grow closer. Nearby, Jill wishes Billy a happy early birthday. She wants to do something together when he has free time. He mutters about having lots of that and says Victoria's filing for divorce. He sulks that perhaps she'd be better off with Stitch. Jill agrees with him and succeeds in getting him to defend himself. Jill tells Billy she looks beyond Colin's flaws because she loves him - Victoria needs to be reminded of that. Later, Jack arrives. Billy talks about fighting for Victoria in a more sensible way. Jack tells him Kelly and Ben are siblings. Billy questions her hiding it, but Jack feels they have no right to judge.

At the ranch, Nick and Victor are trying to convince Nikki to rest when Leslie arrives and tells them about Ian’s planned lawsuit against Nikki. Victor growls that he won't get a dime. Leslie explains that she declined to make a deal with the devil and leaves. Nikki goes upstairs and Victor tells Nick they need to ramp up their plans. Nikki reappears. "What plans?" Victor lies that they plan to help Paul when he gets out of the hospital. Nick backs him up. Later, Nikki tells Victor she wishes to be rid of Ian, and is worried about Dylan making it through the night.

Jill finds Colin drinking alone at the Chancellor Estate and asks if this is about the people he owes money to. Colin protests, but she lets him know he hasn't fooled her. Colin admits he borrowed money for Bonaventure and is being pressed on the debt. He expects her to boot him back to Oz, but she says they'll solve this together. Colin thinks she's amazing, but warns they need cash or the family's in danger. Jill hands him the necklace.

Nick brings Mariah's purse to her hotel. He asks her to come back again Sunday night since Faith enjoyed herself. She jokes about getting the night off work.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Detective Harding tells Paul that Austin Travers made bail while Michael looks on.

Austin tells Summer he could go away for years. Summer replies, "I don't care. I will stand by you."

Devon says to Neil that he has something to tell him. "It's something I should have said yesterday at the wedding." Hilary and Sharon look on.

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