At the ranch, Victor tells Victoria that Nikki's at the hospital. She wonders why Dylan risked his life to save Paul. Victor tells her Ian Ward is sterile - Dylan is Paul's son. Victoria considers the ramifications of the new development. Victor assures her he's fine with it and changes the subject to her pregnancy. Victoria says she's divorcing Billy. Victor promotes Ben as an ideal partner, but says he'll support her no matter who fathered the baby. They are relieved Nikki has no more ties to Ian. Victor is still bothered by him, however.

At the hospital, Nikki calms Paul by telling him Dylan's his son. Christine returns. Paul says he needs to see his son - Dylan. Meanwhile, Dylan is coding and Avery is hysterical. Ben rushes in. Dylan's in shock. Ben sends Avery out, where Ian asks what's wrong. He's concerned about his son's welfare. Avery belts him. Ian blames Nikki, but Avery screams at him to stop playing the victim. Elsewhere, Nikki and Christine argue about Nikki dropping her bombshell on Paul. They nearly come to blows. Behind the door, Paul rasps, "What's going on?" They re-enter. Paul asks Nikki if it's true Dylan is his son. Nikki confirms it. He calls her closer. Chris moves. She listens as Nikki answers Paul's questions and they recall being together back then. Paul cries when he learns Dylan saved his life. Chris asks Nikki to leave. Paul asks Nikki to thank Dylan for him. Nikki comes upon Ian and Avery and orders Ian to go. Stitch tells Avery they're running more tests on Dylan. Ian accuses Nikki of deceiving all of them. She growls, "You knew you were sterile." Ian says everything is Nikki's fault - she led them all to believe Dylan was his son. Avery won't listen and leaves. Nikki hollers at Ian as Victor appears. He runs Ian off. Nikki worries that Ian has a point. Victor thinks she's nuts. "You are not to be blamed!" In Paul's room, he marvels to Chris about Dylan being his son. She just wants to talk about their life together. Later, Stitch tells Avery, Victor and Nikki that Dylan's blood work came back and he has a very serious infection that's put him into sepsis shock. "We'll do everything we can."

At Crimson Lights, Billy and Chelsea fill Kevin in on their trip to Australia. They press a reluctant Kevin to use some of his under the table tech savvy to help find out about Ben Rayburn. Kevin agrees and pulls out his laptop. Billy leaves and Kevin tells Chelsea he went to California and tried unsuccessfully to see Chloe. Chelsea says eventually you have to start living again. Victoria appears. "Living with who? Or do I even have to ask?" Chelsea complains to Victoria that she rewarded Billy's huge romantic gesture by asking for a divorce. As they bicker, Kevin congenially suggests getting coffee.

At Jabot, Kelly tells Jack she and Ben have history. Jack says the hug was very much in the present, plus she told him she still loved him. Jack asks if she was the reason Stitch's marriage broke up. She replies, "Yes, I was." Billy enters. Kelly lashes out at him about flying to Australia to badger Jenna and digging into her past. Billy admits he called Dean. Kelly is livid, but she's not surprised at his betrayal of her, after all, he betrayed his own wife. Billy is chastened. She storms out. Jack tells Billy he wasn't wrong about Stitch and Kelly. He explains what he saw and heard between them at the Club. Billy's sorry for Jack. He wonders how to protect Victoria without hurting everyone. Later, Kelly returns and Jack apologizes for judging her. She wants to tell Jack the truth. She says she'll always love Ben - he's her brother.

Barton and Leslie discuss Paul at the Club. Leslie worries about being disbarred, but admits she'd tell the truth again in this case. Barton reassures her she'll come out on top of this. Later, Ian joins Leslie and offers her a way out. He wants Leslie to help him sue Nikki Newman for causing him emotional distress.

Billy returns to Crimson Lights to see Victoria and Chelsea fully engaged. He pulls Vikki aside and says it was a mistake to go to Australia, she shouldn't take it out on Chelsea. Vikki tells him to stay away from her friends and she'll stay away from his. She goes. Kevin tells Billy and Chelsea he found something interesting.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Jill advises Billy to save himself the embarrassment and give up on Victoria.

Colin's associate tells him he's all out of time.

Chelsea asks Kevin, "Has Ben Rayburn been up to no good?" Kevin replies, "Not since he graduated high school and died in a car crash."

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