At the hospital, Lauren and Michael stare as Christine orders Nikki not to tell Paul that Dylan is his son. Lauren and Michael leave. Nikki and Christine discuss the situation. Christine lashes out at her for never telling him he could have been the father. "This is going to change Paul's life!" Nikki doesn't want to hurt anyone. Chris tells her to stay away, but concedes she knows she's not the villain. Avery rushes up and says Dylan's missing. In Paul's room, Dylan tells Paul he can't believe he's his father and not Ian. He thinks Paul is a lot like Terry MacAvoy, who gave him a lot, but Paul gave him life. Paul opens his eyes and asks, "Why am I here?" Dylan reminds him he got shot. Paul asks why Dylan's there. Dylan realizes he didn't hear him before. Avery, Nikki, and Chris enter. Avery lectures Dylan that moving so soon after surgery could have killed him. Paul mutters about a gun going off. Chris says she didn't want Paul to know. Paul hollers, "I know!" He says he didn't want to hurt his son. Nikki doesn't think he's talking about Dylan but Chris cuts her off and puts them all out. Paul becomes frantic and keeps yelling, 'It's my fault!" In Dylan's room, Nikki reassures him that Paul will be okay and goes to call Victor. Dylan apologizes to Avery and explains why he needed to see Paul. Avery is angry that he won't listen to anyone. "Are you trying to get yourself killed?" Dylan is turned on. Avery tells him to rest. Meanwhile, Nikki rushes into Paul's room where he's screaming about Ricky and pulling his tubes out. Chris runs for help. Nikki tells Paul that Ricky is gone but he still has Dylan. "He's your son and he's fine." In Dylan's room, Avery panics as Dylan codes.

At the park, Kelly comes upon Summer, who frets about the conditions Austin is enduring. She tells Kelly if she wants to help, she should get Jack to help Austin. Kelly tries to make Summer see it from Jack's viewpoint. Summer tells her to forget it - she has another family she can count on.

At Sharon's house, she invites Mariah to stay for dinner, but Faith and Noah say they thought it was a family dinner. Mariah heads for the door as Nick enters. He agrees that Mariah staying is a bad idea. Sharon overrules everyone. Nick tells Mariah he won't ruin Sharon's evening by mentioning her connection to Ian. Sharon calls them to the table. After eating, awkwardness ensues when Faith asks Mariah about growing up without a family. Summer arrives and tells Nick she has no one else to turn to. Mariah marvels at Summer having two dads. Sharon takes her to the kitchen. Summer talks to Nick about Austin's bail, but he agrees with Jack. Summer tells Nick she loves Austin and will never love anyone else. They argue about what Austin did. Summer storms out. When Mariah agrees to show Faith how to blow a bubble, Nick warns her not to get too close to his family. After a while, Sharon asks Nick if Mariah mentioned having a father figure. He says, "No." Later, Sharon notices Mariah left her purse. Nick offers to take it back. He sees Ian's card and on the back is written, "You and your mom can always come home."

At Jabot, Jack ignores a call from Traci and she suddenly appears. "Are you going to tell me what's wrong?" Jack complains about Summer falling for Austin Travers and being upset with him about moving on from Phyllis. He wonders if he's made a huge mistake. Traci says Phyllis wouldn't want him to stop living his life. Jack says that's exactly what she would want him to do. Traci laughs. He talks about how great Kelly is, but admits he's worried there's somebody else - Ben Rayburn. Traci suggests he ask her. Kelly arrives and is introduced to Traci, who leaves. Kelly notices Jack's upset and thinks it's because of Summer. Jack tries to blow her off. Kelly asks, "What have I done?" Jack tells her he saw her in Ben's arms telling him she loved him.

At the Club, Lauren and Michael discuss Paul's situation. Michael says it's the anniversary of the day Paul shot Ricky. Lauren hopes Dylan can help Paul start to forgive himself.

In the park, Summer calls to talk to her mother and says she's in love but it's hard. "I wish you were here."

Genoa City Spoilers for Next Week on The Young and the Restless:

Kelly wants to tell Jack the truth.

Chris says to Paul, "Ricky isn't here." He says, "I need to see Dylan." Chris turns to look at Nikki.

At the hospital, Avery tells Ian he's got some nerve showing up there. He says he's concerned about his son's welfare. She slaps him.

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