At Sharon's house, Nick has officially moved back in. Faith cheers. Sharon tells Nick she hasn't heard from Mariah. Nick says he'll go check it out. Noah arrives as Nick leaves. Noah tells Sharon he approves of their reconciliation. Faith hears Noah mentioning he told a lie. She says, "Like Mommy lied about the picture?" Noah reminds Sharon that she kept a photo of Nick back when he thought she was off her meds. Sharon doesn't remember.

At Mariah's hotel room, Ian is pleased to hear she and Nick resolved their issues. Mariah tells Ian about Victor's odd warning that she's better off being his ally. Ian wonders if he knows about their association and wants to keep that quiet - he doesn't want it to hurt her. Mariah says the only person who cares besides him is Sharon. Ian calls Mariah a radiant point of light. Nick sees him leave. He knocks and asks Mariah what Ian Ward was doing there. Mariah explains that her mother was part of The Path on and off. Ian looked after her. Nick says he took advantage of many young women. Mariah seems shocked. She asks why he's there. He says Sharon was concerned.

At the hospital, Father Todd chats to an unconscious Paul about the past. He talks about Dylan being his donor and urges Paul to fight. In Dylan's room, Avery reminds him he promised to come back to her. She pleads with him to wake up.

At the Club, Christine frets to Michael and Lauren about Paul. Michael can’t get over the turn of events with Dylan. Christine cuts him off. She apologizes - she's just worried about Paul. She feels better for having her soup. Suddenly she gets a call from Todd telling her to come back right away.

At the ranch, Nikki and Victor discuss Dylan and Paul. She says she's delayed telling the kids about Dylan's paternity out of respect for Christine, but they do have to discuss her having a son with Paul. Victor thinks they should focus on their recovery. Nikki muses it's almost like what Victor went through. Victor says he respects Dylan insisting on saving Paul's life. Nikki gets a call from Avery that Dylan's been moved to the ICU and Paul's stable. Later, Nick shows up and confronts Victor about Mariah coming to town at the same time as Ian. Victor pleads innocence and suggests they share information. Nick admits he feels bad that Ian is the closest thing to a father Mariah had. They agree their goal is to protect those they love.

At the park, Abby learns Tyler pretended to be a photographer to get her to meet him. He says he wasn't about to just give up - she's the only woman he wants. Abby complains about the embarrassment of a broken engagement. Tyler doesn't think she wants it to be over. He asks her to put the ring back on. Mariah appears and tells Tyler what Abby and Noah did to her. Tyler is angry. He thought Abby was different from Mariah, but she can manipulate with the best of them. "Maybe there isn't a chance for us."

Christine, Lauren, and Michael arrive at the hospital where Dr. Shelby and Todd tell them Paul opened his eyes briefly. Chris goes in. Todd joins her and Paul awakens. He comments on Todd's facial hair. Chris explains what happened to him. He asks, "Where's the child?" Todd lets Lauren and Michael know in the corridor. In Dylan's room, Avery admits to Nikki that she's very worried about Dylan. Nikki reflects on Paul and Dylan giving each other the same gift - life. Before long Dylan opens his eyes. Nikki says he saved Paul's life. Dylan wants to know about Paul's condition. Nikki goes to find out. Dylan tries to go too, but Avery warns him to chill out. She goes to tell the doctor he's awake. In the corridor, Todd says farewell to Christine. Dr. Shelby joins Chris, Lauren, and Michael and warns Paul could reject the liver at any time. He makes it clear Dylan saved his life. Nikki appears. Pleased that Paul's awake, she wants to let him know Dylan is too. Chris becomes livid. She hollers that nobody is going to tell Paul about Dylan. Meanwhile, Dylan sits in a wheelchair in Paul's room.

Mariah arrives at Sharon's place just after Noah has apologized to his mother for what he did to her. Sharon introduces her to Faith. Noah apologizes to Mariah for his treatment of her. Mariah pays Sharon her first installment on what she owes her. Faith says they're having a family dinner. Sharon invites her to stay.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Nick warns Mariah not to get too close to his family.

Kelly asks Jack, "Why didn't you say anything?" Jack replies that she was too busy with Ben Rayburn. She asks, "You saw me with Ben?"

Chris is with Paul when he has some sort of seizure and screams.

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