At the penthouse, Billy tells Chelsea that Victoria was so pissed about Australia she asked for a divorce. Chelsea suggests he call her bluff. Billy's not so sure she's bluffing. Chelsea talks about how things can change between people. He asks, "You mean like you and Adam?" They bicker, but then make up. Talk turns to Stitch. Chelsea thinks they should contact Kelly's ex, Dean. Billy calls Dean, and learns he's never heard of Ben Rayburn. They speculate about what that means. Elsewhere, Adam looks through photos of Chelsea and Connor. A man with him says he knows he's anxious to get back, but not everything is in place yet.

At Victoria's house, she and Ben make love passionately on the living room floor. After, he gets an update on Paul and Dylan, who are hanging in. They talk about Dylan. Victoria says Dylan told her Stitch helped him but never opened up about himself. She wants Stitch to volunteer information about himself. Stitch wonders if Billy has her doubting him. Victoria just wants to know who she's with. He jokes about stealing a sandwich when he was five and says he hopes they have a long time to get to know each other. Vikki tells him she knows she made the right choice. Ben kisses her and leaves. Victoria calls someone.

At the Chancellor Estate, Colin spills the drugged tea to keep Lily from drinking it. In the other room he mutters to himself about getting it right next time. He returns. Lily and Cane leave to pack for Paris. Colin wishes them a lovely time - he has taken Lily's phone. After, Colin drugs Jill's champagne. Jill yawns that he picked a good year. Colin says Lily left her phone - he'll take it to the Club. Jill passes out. Colin phones his associate to come and get the necklace.

At the police station, Leslie tells Summer and Austin that Avery asked her to help defend him - the court won't permit Avery to do it. Summer leaves and Leslie reassures Austin they'll get him out of there.

At the park during the wedding, Hilary notices Devon. Devon says he couldn't stay away. Neil is pleased he's there. The ceremony resumes. Neil says, "I do." Hilary flashes to her kiss with Devon, but eventually says, "I do." Devon looks miserable. Rings are exchanged and Neil and Hilary are pronounced husband and wife. Devon wishes them both well and leaves.

At Jabot, Jack questions Kelly about Ben and says she's allowed to have a past, as long as it's in the past. Summer arrives. Kelly exits. Summer asks Jack to pay Austin's bail. He refuses. They argue. Jack scoffs at the idea that she loves him. Summer says he can't lecture her about love - he said he loved her mom. Summer announces she'll go to someone else for help and storms out.

At the Club, Kelly wishes Cane and Lily a fabulous time in Paris. Cane and Lily discuss their dads and Neil marrying Hilary. Lily notices her phone's missing and leaves. Colin arrives with the phone. Cane says Lily went to his house to get it. Nearby, Ben tells Kelly he couldn't break things off with Victoria - he's in love with her, and she's divorcing Billy. He talks about all he's been through and those he's lost. Kelly embraces him. Jack arrives. Kelly tells Ben as much as she hates what he's done, she still loves him. Jack departs. In the dining room, Devon drinks heavily and tells Cane he went to the wedding - he thought Hilary might not go through with it if she saw him. Cane realizes that didn't happen.

At the Chancellor Estate, Colin's associate sneaks in and takes the necklace from Jill's neck. Lily enters, screams, smashes him over the head with a vase, and recovers the necklace. Jill wakes up and the man runs out. Colin arrives and they tell him about the maniac who tried to steal Jill's necklace. They assure him the police are looking for the guy. Lily goes. Jill muses about the guy getting in and going straight for the necklace. Colin embraces her.

Leslie arrives at Victoria's house - she got her message to Avery about moving forward with divorce. Victoria confirms she's certain about it. "File the papers."

Summer returns to the police station. She and Austin discuss his chances of making bail. He is scared for his safety because he shot a cop. Summer talks about the future and kisses him. A cop intervenes.

At home, Hilary and Neil kiss and he asks if she wants more 'dessert'. She does.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

At Mariah's hotel room door, Nick asks her, "You want to tell me what Ian Ward was doing here?"

Abby yells at Tyler in the park. "Suddenly I'm this lying, scheming b****?"

Avery tells Nikki she's starting to get really worried at Dylan's bedside.

Father Todd calls Christine to get back to the hospital right away. Christine, at the Club, asks, "Has something happened?"

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