At Jabot, Jack complains to Hilary about Summer supporting Austin. Hilary points out that some special people gave her a second chance. She asks for the rest of the day off. "I'm getting married." Jack is taken aback. Hilary insists she has the right kind of connection with Neil. Jack tells her, "Go grab the future you deserve."

At the Club, Lily tells Neil she knows he's getting married today and she won't throw a fit. Neil says he'll be happy. Lily doesn't think the marriage stands a chance, but loves him. At the bar, Cane warns Devon that this marriage won't last a year - everyone needs to put their cards on the table. Neil joins them. Cane goes. Neil tells Devon he knows he expressed his disapproval to Hilary. Devon promises not to say another word. Neil asks him to be his best man. Devon says he can't attend - he's too busy. After, Lily tells Devon she hopes something will stop their father from marrying that witch. She wishes Devon had seduced Hilary like she wanted. Devon nods. "This one's all on me." By the stairs, Ben tells Kelly about Dylan donating part of his liver to Paul. Kelly thinks Ben tries to save lives because his conscience knows he took one. Ben talks about breaking things off with Vikki due to Jenna's threat. Kelly thinks Ben should spare Max and Victoria's baby, if it's his, from knowing what he did. Ben decides he must break up with Victoria.

Billy arrives at Victoria's house to see Johnny, but he's out on a playdate. Victoria is hostile and they argue about him going to Australia with Chelsea to investigate Ben. Billy says he knows in his gut that Stitch has a secret. Victoria says she has baggage too and reminds him she lost custody of Reed. Billy talks about everything they have between them. Victoria says they have nothing. "I want a divorce." Billy says she's trying to shut down the conversation because she knows he's right. Victoria says they don't have honesty and trust anymore. Billy asks for more time, but Victoria says it's over. Later, Ben arrives and Victoria tells him she asked Billy for a divorce. She pulls him into a passionate kiss and undresses him. "This is what I want now."

Billy arrives in Jack's office and tells him Victoria asked for a divorce. Jack blames his trip to Australia. Billy is dismayed to hear that Kelly told Victoria he went. Jack says it was Billy's bonehead move - it's not on Kelly. Jack talks about Kelly being supportive throughout the Austin and Summer situation. Billy warns Jack that Kelly's involved with Ben's mess and Jack will get hurt. He tells Jack that Jenna knew Kelly's name. Jack admits there might be something more to it. Billy urges him to find out. Later, Kelly arrives and Jack asks her for the truth about her and Ben.

Neil meets Hilary in the park to get married. They talk about how they feel and kiss. The judge appears and says they need witnesses. Hilary asks two strangers nearby to do it. The ceremony begins. Hilary tells Neil he is her second chance. He says she took away his anger and bitterness. As the judge asks about the objections part of the ceremony, Devon appears.

At the penthouse, Chelsea tells Anita that the con with Billy didn't go exactly as planned. Anita gives advice. Chelsea says they'll go at this from a different angle. Anita still wonders if there's something going on with her and Billy Abbott. Chelsea admits there was a moment with Billy. Anita asks, "Like the moment you made Johnny?" Chelsea says it was a small kiss, but he was talking about Victoria. Later, Billy arrives and tells Chelsea that he and Victoria are broken now. Anita smiles as Chelsea hugs him.

At the Chancellor Estate, Colin tells Jill, "That's a fine piece of real estate." She wonders if he means her or the necklace. Colin is stunned to hear she doesn't even take it off to shower. Jill says it's brought them luck, and it's a constant reminder that Katherine cared about her. Once alone, Colin phones his associate and complains he can't get the thing away from her neck, but tells him to keep his phone handy. He hangs up and pulls out some pills. He muses that he can't be a good husband if he's in a coffin and drugs Jill's tea. They toast with their teacups to Katherine, but Jill doesn't drink. Cane and Lily arrive and Jill offers them tea.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Summer tells Austin she'll always be there for him.

Leslie asks Victoria if she's sure she's ready to end her marriage. Victoria is sure.

Jack hears Kelly tell Ben, "You haven't lost me. I still love you."

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