At the hospital, Dylan hears Nikki tell Paul that he is his son. Paul's eyelids flutter. Christine, Michael, and Todd arrive but Paul is unresponsive. Todd prays. Nikki steps out and cries. Dylan tells her he knows Paul is his father. Everyone gathers and Dylan demands that Barton allow him to be Paul's donor. Barton and Dylan argue. Dylan threatens to call his lawyer. Michael says medical professionals have been overruled before. Nikki pleads with Dylan not to do this. He tells her he won't just let his father die. Christine looks shocked. Nikki tells her it's a long story, but confirms Paul is Dylan's father. Arguing about the transplant resumes. Barton says it has to happen now. Later, Chris tells Todd she's overwhelmed by Nikki's news about Dylan.

At The Underground, Sharon complains to Nick that she can't reach Mariah. She insists Nick go find her. They bicker. Nick finally leaves and says he won't let this woman get between them.

At the Club, Victor overhears as Mariah and Ian discuss how long he can stay in Genoa City. He says he's always kept his eye on the ultimate goal. Mariah asks what that is, and how she fits into it. Ian talks about her building permanent relationships - she's only ever built one with him. After, Victor warns Mariah she's playing with fire - she was better off as his ally. At the bar, Cane tries to talk Neil into postponing his wedding. He doesn't think Neil is being fair to Hilary. Neil sniffs that Hilary can make her own decisions. He suggests Cane stop interfering.

At the park, Devon tells Hilary he has feelings for her. He wants her to see where it can go. Hilary says it's too late - she's marrying his father tomorrow. She goes on about how special and secure Neil makes her feel. Devon asks where the passion is and admits he took his hurt and jealousy over Hilary kissing Jack into a misguided relationship with Esmerelda. Hilary finally admits she felt the same things Devon was feeling, but insists it's in the past. He doesn't believe that and kisses her. Hilary says they couldn't possibly be together - she won't go back on her promises to Neil. As Devon asks about her happiness, Neil appears. Devon wishes them luck and leaves. Hilary tells Neil that Devon doesn't think they should get married. Neil offers to let her back out, but she won't. Neil says everything is right as rain, but Hilary looks upset over his shoulder.

Leslie and Avery discuss Austin's case at Crimson Lights. Avery wants Leslie to appear in court on his behalf. Leslie has issues of her own - she shared information told to her by a client in confidence. Avery realizes it has to do with Ian. Just then, Ian appears. Leslie goes for a refill so Ian sits with Avery to needle her about her past coming back to haunt her. He insinuates that what he knows will prove more valuable than anyone ever imagined. Nikki flies in and confronts Ian about letting her believe he was Dylan's father. She drags Avery off to the hospital to stop Dylan from having the transplant surgery. Later, Ian lets Leslie know she'll have to pay for her breach - he called the bar association.

Nick arrives at Mariah's hotel room, apologizes for jumping to the conclusion that she took the wallet, and asks her to return to The Underground. Nick indicates that he will let her run the register because Sharon will like it, but says he wants her to commit to leaving town once she's paid Sharon back. Mariah says that will take years. Nick warns her not to cause Sharon pain.

Victor finds Sharon at The Underground and asks for Nicholas. They discuss her trying to remember her secret. Sharon says she's set that aside, but asks Victor to tell her everything he knows about Mariah. Victor avoids answering. Sharon says Mariah touches her - she thinks Mariah came into her life for a reason. Victor says she may be right about that. Nick arrives and tells Sharon that Mariah will come back to work. Alone, Nick and Victor discuss not trusting Mariah.

Avery and Nikki return to the hospital and try to talk Dylan out of the transplant. Chris asks Dylan not to back out. Dylan assures Avery he'll survive. He goes in to squeeze Paul's hand, and then hugs Nikki and Avery before going to pre-op.

At the Club, Devon tells Cane what happened with Hilary. He says she plans to marry Neil anyway. Cane says all three of them are going to be hurt.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Stitch tells Kelly he has to break things off with Victoria.

Hilary tells Jack she hopes to take the rest of the day off. He asks if she's not feeling well. She says she's getting married.

Neil tells Devon he could use a best man. Devon asks, "You want me to be your best man?"

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