At the Club, Dylan stops Ian and tells him to prove he’s not the monster people make him out to be by saving Paul Williams’ life. He explains why he can’t be a living donor and tells Ian he must have the same blood type and could be a match. Ian says he can’t help. Nearby, Cane tells Devon that Neil is getting married to Hilary. Devon gets very uptight. They bicker about whether Devon is in love with Hilary. Cane asks if he wants to spend the rest of his life pining for his soon-to-be stepmother. "Speak now or forever hold your peace." He presses Devon to let Hilary know how he feels.

Michael joins Todd in Paul’s hospital room. Todd takes Michael down to the chapel to reflect. Michael says if not for Paul, his whole family might be behind bars. Todd recalls Paul as a child. Michael wonders why him, why now? Todd has faith in God’s plan.

At The Underground, Noah assumes Mariah took his missing wallet. Abby calls her a thief and Sharon gets involved. Noah says Mariah hasn’t changed; she’s just using Sharon to get what she wants. Mariah protests. Sharon says she had no reason to steal the wallet. Nick, Abby, and Noah want to call the cops. Later, Courtney and another officer find the wallet cleaned out in the trash. Mariah invites them to search her locker and purse – she’s been set up. Noah whispers to Abby, "Did you set her up?" Abby smirks that she just finished what he started. "You’re welcome, by the way." Nick and Sharon bicker about him involving the police. He accuses her of trying to replace Cassie. Noah announces he’s not pressing charges. Sharon realizes Mariah was right – they set her up. Noah says he left his wallet out as a test. Mariah says Abby cleaned it out. She quits. Sharon is disgusted with all of them.

At the park, Neil and Hilary admire her engagement ring. Hilary thinks they should wait a while to set a date but Neil wants to get married right away – he knows a judge who owes him a favor. He backtracks; realizing she may want a big wedding, but Hilary tells him all she needs is him. They laugh about the advantages of having no guests to object. Hilary suggests they do it tomorrow, not tonight. Neil says he’ll get a room at the Club to give her time to prepare. Later, Devon meets Hilary. He tells her not to go through with the wedding because she’d be better with him.

At Crimson Lights, Leslie rants to Avery that Neil is making a huge mistake. Avery talks about Dylan being upset over not being able to help Paul. She admits she’s a bit relieved he’s not risking his life. Talk turns to work. Avery says she’s taken on Austin Travers. Leslie protests that she’s the victim. She thinks this is about guilt. Dylan arrives. He tells them he asked Ian to help Paul, but he refused. Leslie leaves. Avery breaks the news she’s advising Austin. Dylan is appalled. Avery says she has to do this.

Nikki arrives at the ranch with her bags as Victor’s investigator tells him Willa left town without making contact with Ward. Nikki deduces that she must have been telling the truth. Victor insists he’ll get proof. Leslie arrives to see Nikki. Victor steps out and Leslie tells Nikki that she dropped Ian as a client, but when she represented him he told her something she should know. “Ian can’t have children.” Nikki nods. She says Paul is Dylan’s father and he may die without ever knowing the truth. Leslie confirms she has seen proof from a doctor. "Dylan can be told, and Paul too."

At the Club, Victor confronts Ian about knowing Dylan’s not his son. Ian plays dumb. Victor says he knows he’s sterile. Ian wonders what Victor will do to him. Victor warns him to watch his back. “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.” Nearby, Neil tells Cane that he and Hilary are spending the night apart – tomorrow they’re getting married. He warns no one in the family should try to stop the ceremony. At the door, Mariah comes in and complains to Ian about being an outcast. Victor overhears him say he’s on her side.

Nikki arrives in Paul’s hospital room and hugs Michael. Todd appears and says the doctor told him it might be time to deliver last rites. When Michael and Todd go to find Christine, Nikki talks to Paul. Unbeknownst to Nikki, Dylan opens the door and hears her say, "Dylan is your son."

Genoa City Spoilers for Next Week on The Young and the Restless:

Devon says to Hilary, "You did feel the same things I was feeling, didn't you?" He kisses her.

Sharon asks Victor to tell her everything he knows about Mariah.

Avery gapes as Nikki yells at Ian, "You let me believe you were Dylan's father when all along you knew that was impossible."

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