In Australia, Billy and Chelsea discuss looking into Kelly's past. Chelsea questions Billy about Kelly's last name and hometown. He says he knows more about Sam. Billy then talks about how well he knows Victoria and goes on about love and relationships. Chelsea suddenly kisses Billy. Billy stammers, "Wow. Where did that come from?" Chelsea says she got caught up in what he was saying. She doesn't want to discuss the kiss. They return to the online search. Billy recalls her husband was Dean. They find something on Kelly in St. Louis. It's about Sam's memorial and Billy can't bear it. Billy prepares to return to his room. They hug.

On Crimson Lights' patio, Stitch tells Kelly that Jenna threatened to keep Max from him forever if he tells Victoria about his past. Kelly can't believe Jenna's blackmailing him and asks what he'll do. She suggests he fight for custody. Stitch doesn't think a judge would side with him. Kelly refers to him being a killer and reiterates that she will tell Jack if he asks her a direct question. Inside, Abby talks to Victoria about her pregnancy. She understands why Billy's been reeling when she learns the father could be Stitch. Abby advocates for Billy. Vikki admits she still loves Billy, but that doesn't solve anything. Abby doubts Ben is perfect either. Vikki feels anything Ben has done, Billy's done worse. She reminds Abby she got engaged to Tyler before knowing she couldn't trust him.

At the hospital, Christine talks to Paul about her inability to save him. Father Todd appears and hugs her. He wishes he or another family member had been a match. Christine frets about Paul dying and Todd assures her he's a fighter. Chris steps out. Todd talks to Paul about their parents and tells him he has to stick around. "I can't lose you." After, Todd talks to Stitch and notices he seems troubled. He tells him confession is good for the soul. Stitch thanks him and heads to the chapel. He talks to God about his choices and says he has no regrets about his actions except that they hurt people. He cries. "You know what I did, and why I did it." Vikki enters. She asks if there's something he needs to get out in the open. Stitch tells her he loves her and doesn't want to lose her. Meanwhile, Todd and Chris pray at Paul's bedside.

At the station, Jack and Nick discuss Summer's attraction to Austin. Nick says they have to stop this before it gets worse. In the interrogation room, Avery explains to Summer, who wants her to fix this, that the prosecution will be counting on her testimony to put Austin away. Summer pleads with Avery to defend Austin. A cop takes Austin out and leaves him by Jack and Nick. Austin apologizes for bringing Summer into this before they take him away. Meanwhile, Summer tries to convince Avery that Austin is 'the one' just like Dylan for her. She asks how far things went between them. Summer says, "Far." Jack and Nick enter. Avery says she'll take Summer home. Jack and Nick hug Summer and leave. Avery and Summer discuss her having made love with Austin - her first time. Summer doesn't want a lecture. She says it was amazing and they used protection - Phyllis was thorough with sex education. Summer tries to guilt Avery into representing Austin. "Do it for me." Later, Austin is brought back in and Summer tells him Avery will help him.

At The Underground, Mariah complains Noah is acting like a watchdog. They bicker. Mariah brings up Summer running off with Austin and gives him a look that reminds him of Cassie. Nick arrives and tells Noah that Summer has romanticized the whole debacle with Austin. Mariah asks if Summer's okay. They tell her not to lay it on so thick. Abby appears and rants about them hiring that skankarella. Mariah says she wouldn't understand working for a living. Arguing ensues. Abby calls her a piece of trash and Mariah lunges for Abby's hair. The guys pull them apart. Abby vows to ensure Mariah can't fool anyone in town. After, Nick tells Mariah she can't attack people - she has to prove herself worthy of Abby's respect. Mariah apologizes for messing up her extensions. Abby hisses it's her real hair. Noah notices his wallet's missing.

At the Club, Jack brings up Stitch to Kelly. He wonders why she warned him about Billy's fact-finding trip to Australia. Kelly talks about not taking sides. Jack informs her he'll always take Billy's. Kelly wants to go back to where they were before he got the call from Summer - to her bed. Jack kisses her.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Neil wants to get married to Hilary right this minute.

Leslie tells Nikki that Ian told her something in confidence; something she should know.

Avery tells Dylan that Summer needed her help - with Austin's defense. Dylan doesn't want her anywhere near that nutjob.

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