At the ranch, Nikki and Victor discuss Paul. Nikki tells him Dylan may be a viable donor since he has the same blood type. Victor gets a call and tells Nikki he's been looking for Willa Ward. His investigator arrives with Willa, who tells Nikki she knows about her and the others like her. Victor assures her she'll be well-compensated for her cooperation. Willa worries about Ian knowing she's there. Victor reassures her and puts cash on the table. Willa tells them Ian isn't able to father children. Victor chastises her for not telling Dylan before. She leaves with the cash. Victor asks Nikki, "If Ian is not Dylan's father, then who is?" Nikki says the only other person she was with then was Paul. Victor worries Willa's story was a fabrication. He says they'll have to find out if it's true.

At the hospital, Christine tells Lauren that she had a dream that Paul went away, but a child brought him home. Chris worries about what will happen if Dylan's not approved. Lauren urges her to have hope. Nearby, Leslie is talking to her husband the surgeon when Chris asks him about the test results. He says it should be soon. Lauren helps keep Christine's spirits up as they wait. Chris feels she's given Paul a reason to hang on. Lauren quips, "The sex is that good, huh?" Chris laughs. She talks about them having a baby one day.

At the Club, Cane wants to take Lily to Paris. She says they can't just take off right now. He thinks she's concerned about Hilary and Neil. Lily refuses to let her do more damage to the family. Cane says life is too short to have grudges. He suggests she love Neil enough to trust him. He doesn't understand why she wants to be so angry. Lily sighs that she doesn't. She admits she heard Charlie and Mattie arguing using her tone this morning and it hit her. Cane hints that Neil and Hilary may not be together that long anyway.

At home, Neil wonders why Hilary hasn't answered his proposal. Hilary thinks he just blurted it out as a reaction. Neil says he asked because he thinks what they have is that good. Hilary muses there's a lot about each other they don't know. Neil asks her to ride that rollercoaster - they have a good foundation to build upon. He talks her into it - she accepts. Neil produces an engagement ring. Hilary loves it, and she loves him. They agree to celebrate after work.

At Crimson Lights, Dylan and Avery wait for word on whether he's a viable donor. He worries his PTSD history could be an issue. Avery says being a donor is a huge risk - she's scared. Dylan says he didn't come through the war to leave her now. They kiss. Dylan gets a call that the tests are done. Barton and Leslie arrive and Barton tells Dylan he won't be a suitable donor even though he's a match. Dylan wants to know why not. Barton says his war injuries exempt him - the transplant surgery could kill him. Dylan asks how long Paul has to find another donor. Barton says just days. After, Neil and Hilary arrive. Leslie introduces Neil to Barton. Neil offers congratulations on their marriage and they discuss Paul. After, Leslie tells Barton she was dreading that moment. Barton laughs that he was fine. They watch Neil kiss Hilary goodbye. Barton muses that maybe Neil needed a fling to help him move on. Meanwhile, Dylan tells Avery he knows what he has to do. Later, Hilary tells Leslie she and Neil are engaged.

At the ranch, Nikki takes a call from Dylan asking to meet at the Club. Nikki worries to Victor how she'll tell Dylan if Ian's not his father. Later, Victor tells his investigator to check into Willa's claim.

Neil arrives at the Club where Lily informs him she won't give him anymore grief about Hilary being in his life. Neil says he's glad because they're getting married. They offer congratulations, but Lily looks stunned. By the door, Dylan tells Nikki he's a match for Paul, but he can't be a donor. Nikki stares. Dylan asks if something else is going on.

At the hospital, Barton tells Chris that Dylan isn't a viable donor. She asks how long they can keep Paul going. "It's only a matter of days."

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Jenna asks Billy and Chelsea what they're really doing there.

Stitch tells Victoria they didn't get a chance to talk the other day so she asks if he wants to talk now.

Nick shoves Austin and hollers at him in the police station as Jack and Avery look on.

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