In Australia, Billy and Chelsea ask Jenna for her background story. Billy asks to use the phone and snoops in the kitchen while Chelsea asks about Max. Jenna remembers she has to pick him up. Chelsea stalls her by talking about her plan to take Connor to Paris and how those dreams died when her husband passed away. They talk about raising a child alone. Jenna says Max's father didn't die, but she sometimes thinks it might be better if he had. Chelsea tries to find out what he did, but Jenna has to go. After, Jenna notices missed calls from Ben.

At the hospital, Dylan tells Stitch he has the same rare blood type as Paul. Nikki says he could save Paul's life. Stitch warns he still may not be a suitable donor. He takes him to get tested. Leslie appears and Avery fills her in. Nearby, Victoria gives Nikki a pep talk. At the nurses' station, Stitch wonders if Dylan wants to give Paul a piece of his liver to make up for not being able to save Sully. Dylan insists he's doing this. He joins Nikki and they marvel at Ian's DNA helping to save Paul.

At The Underground, Jack leaves to share the Canada theory with police. Sharon reassures Nick who consumed with worry for Summer. Sharon says she's lucky to have a dad like him. Nick reminds her Jack is Summer's father. He blames himself for Summer's life spinning out of control. Sharon clucks about him beating himself up and asks him to move in with her. Nick agonizes briefly and then agrees.

At Crimson Lights, Ian gets up to speed on Mariah's connection with Sharon. She says Sharon got Nick to give her a job. Ian thinks she could get a lot more out of her than that. He assures Mariah that letting Sharon help her is good for both of them. He tells Mariah she always has a place in his family. Later, Leslie appears and Ian waxes on about how close they got. Leslie reminds him they weren't friends. He's pleased that now everyone knows he wasn't behind the messages Avery was receiving. "I have no agenda." Leslie sneers that lying is like breathing to him.

At the station, Harding tells Jack they found Summer's car by the bus station. Jack says they believe she's headed to Canada and starts barking orders. Harding assures him he wants Travers as bad as he does.

In the motel, Summer tells Austin her first time was exactly how she imagined it. She insists she's going to Canada with him. She's lost a lot and doesn't want to lose him too. He agrees and she goes to take a shower. Once alone, Austin watches TV coverage about the search for him and Summer. Summer emerges from the motel to find Austin gone. There's a knock. Summer opens the door to two officers with guns drawn. "Don't shoot!"

Jack checks in at the hospital and Nikki brings him up to speed. Jack grills Avery about Austin. Nikki warns him to let the police handle it. After, Jack overhears Vikki leaving Billy a warning voicemail about what he's doing. They discuss Kelly and Ben. She doesn't trust Kelly. Jack says Billy wants to protect her from what Ben's hiding. Vikki says nothing could hurt her more than Billy already has. Later, Stitch and Nikki discuss Victoria. She thinks it will be hard for her to walk away from the connection she and Billy have. Jack finds Victoria and tells her Chelsea is with Billy in Australia. Stitch overhears. In Paul's room, Nikki tells him about Dylan being a potential donor and flashes to them kissing as teens.

Mariah arrives at The Underground to find Sharon and Nick kissing. She says she'll hold down the fort until Noah arrives, prompting Sharon to beam and say she's really trying. Nick gets a call about Summer and leaves.

Nick arrives at the station and Harding tells him Summer was found in a motel near the Canadian border alone. Nick is on the phone with Summer when Austin arrives to turn himself in. Summer panics through the phone.

Avery and Dylan arrive at Crimson Lights. Ian makes nice but Avery cuts him short. Dylan tells him his blood type may make it possible for him to save Paul Williams. Ian flashes to a past conversation with Dylan. "Don't kill me or you'll never know." Avery and Dylan debate about him being a liver donor. Leslie tells Ian, "He's going to figure it out you know." Ian says that's when the fun begins.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Willa tells Nikki and Victor that Ian isn't able to father children.

Cane tells Lily he doesn't think her dad and Hilary will be together that long.

Neil gives Hilary an engagement ring. She says, "I love it."

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