At Victoria's house, Stitch tells her Billy is going to Australia to talk to Jenna to see what dirt he can find on him. Vikki learns that Stitch found out from Kelly and rants about Billy. She then asks Stitch if Jenna knows something that could hurt him. Stitch thinks it's time for him to tell her what happened in his marriage. Victoria goes on about Billy acting like her father. Stitch asks her to hear him out.

On the plane, Billy tells Chelsea he wants to work on a game plan to find out what Stitch did to make his ex-wife move away. Chelsea says if anyone can get her to talk, it's her. Billy says if they don't succeed, Stitch will be the hero and he'll be sucking on sour grapes. Chelsea reassures him - Adam was responsible for his family falling apart so she will get Jenna to talk. Billy tells Chelsea she's wonderful and thanks her for helping him.

At The Underground, Jack tells Nick that Summer used her ATM card outside the park last night. Nick says Victor has people searching for her too.

In a motel, Summer texts Jack and Nick that she's alright, she knows what she's doing, and she loves them both. Austin emerges from the shower and she bandages his back. He tells her he may not be the person she thinks he is. She kisses him. He pulls away and says they have to get to the Canadian border, and then she has to go home. Summer doesn't want to say goodbye. She thinks he could come back to Genoa City - the shooting was an accident. Austin tries to make her see reason, but she wants to start a new life together. Summer kisses him and they start undressing on the bed.

At Crimson Lights, Avery and Dylan discuss Austin being 4MJ. Dylan says Paul getting hurt is on him - he didn't listen and reacted without thinking. Avery says it's his training, just like hers is to protect the innocent. She says she deserves blame too. Dylan is grateful he didn't lose her. They talk about Paul and Nikki being so close. Dylan says if not for Paul, he wouldn't have found out Nikki was his mother.

At the hospital, Christine talks to Paul about Heather being in Mumbai. She hopes that when she gets there he will open his eyes. Nikki watches. Christine joins her. They ask the surgeon if Paul's going to recover. He can't say that. Chris sobs, "Are you telling me I'm going to lose my husband?" The surgeon says he needs rest and limited visitors. Nikki offers to relieve Christine, who snaps, "I will look after my husband. You can go." Chris goes in and talks to Paul.

At The Underground, Jack and Nick tell officers that Summer is with Austin Travers of her own volition. Nick stresses that she's innocent. The officer says if she is helping him, they need to know. Nick and Jack debate about why Summer is with this guy. Nick states that Summer's been torn up since Jack started dating Kelly. Jack asks, "You're saying it's my fault Summer took off?" They bicker and then agree to find her. They talk the situation through and realize they're probably running to Canada.

Nikki arrives at Victoria's house as Stitch gets a call about an emergency and must leave. Nikki tells Vikki that Paul's in the ICU and Summer is missing. "Things couldn't be worse." Vikki hugs her. Nikki sobs that Paul's been her friend longer than her father or even Katherine. She recalls the crazy things they did and how he helped her find her son. Vikki urges her to be strong and positive. Nikki says Chris kicked her out of the hospital. Vikki tells her not to stay away.

At the hospital, Stitch calls Jenna and warns her not to talk to anybody. The surgeon tells him to get off the phone and put Paul on the list for a liver transplant. Christine overhears. Dylan and Avery arrive and Chris tells them he needs a transplant soon - the timing is crucial. Dylan explains his guilt. Chris says the only person to blame is the one who pulled the trigger. Stitch talks to her about finding someone with the right blood type. Chris hopes Heather might be a match, but her records indicate otherwise. Chris runs to the chapel, frantic, as Nikki and Victoria arrive. Dylan fills them in. Stitch says Paul has a rare blood type - AB negative. Dylan says he's AB negative.

In Australia, Billy and Chelsea arrive at Jenna's door and pretend they're doing a documentary on ex-pats. They show ID and flatter her. She invites them in.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Sharon asks Nick to move in with her.

Ian tells Avery he's glad to see she's okay. She tells him he can't begin to imagine how little that means to her.

Jack lashes out at Detective Harding, who says they have an APB out on Travers and his daughter.

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