At Crimson Lights, Billy and Kelly discuss the newspaper report on Paul and Summer being missing. Billy tells Kelly he's okay with her and Jack, and she volunteers that Summer texted Jack last night to say she was okay and wish him a Happy Father's Day. Billy says he's going to Australia to get information from Stitch's ex-wife. Kelly wonders if he's protecting Victoria or trying to undercut Stitch. Billy says she could save him a long flight by telling him what she knows. Kelly stays quiet.

Vikki runs into Stitch at the Club. They discuss Paul. She guesses it's hard for Stitch not being with his son on Father's Day. Stitch vows it will be the last time he spends it without his own child. They discuss her pregnancy. She seems lightheaded so he gives advice. Vikki says he's so sweet and wonders at Jenna keeping him from his son. He goes to work out. In the dining room, Lily and the twins wish Cane a Happy Father's Day. Cane has his father too. Colin appears. Cane tells Lily that Jill isn't coming - she's with Lauren because of Paul. Cane and Colin reflect on how long it's been since they celebrated Father's Day together. Devon and Neil arrive - Cane invited them. Colin weaves stories for the twins, prompting Lily to roll her eyes. She joins Neil and tells him she'll be nice to Hilary today. Neil says she didn't want to intrude, but she'll be around in the future. Suddenly, Hilary appears with Moses, who got dropped off early. Moses wants Hilary to stay - he thinks she's his nanny. Hilary says Sofia mistook her for the nanny. Lily muses it's an honest mistake since she's so young. Devon defends Hilary. Cane takes him aside to discuss it. Devon insists he's over Hilary, but Cane doesn't buy it. Lily suggests to Neil that Moses might be negatively affected by his relationship with Hilary. Neil's offended. Lily said Moses just asked about Leslie, and now his father's sleeping with the nanny.

At the penthouse, Chelsea prepares for her trip. Anita doesn't understand why she's dropping everything to go with Billy Abbott. She notes Chelsea's lingerie and muses, "Maybe I know too well." Chelsea protests that she's not interested in him. Anita lists his assets. Chelsea says she owes him, but Anita disagrees. Chelsea mentions Father's Day and Adam being gone. Upstairs, Connor is watched in his crib by Adam on the spycam.

Stitch encounters Kelly at Crimson Lights and they discuss Father's Day. He doesn't expect her to care how he feels. She tells him Billy's going to find Jenna. They argue about whether Stitch should tell Victoria. Kelly urges him to come clean - Victoria will hate him if she finds out from Billy. Stitch admits he's terrified of losing more in his life.

At Victoria's house, she tells Billy that Johnny's asleep. He's irked to hear that he spent the previous night with Victor. He says he's headed out of town later on business and intends to prove to her who she can trust. She's confused, but they get to talking about it being his first Father's Day without Delia. Vikki brings Johnny down and watches him and Billy play blocks together. Billy talks about building everything back up. He tells Vikki he'll win her back. Later, Stitch arrives. Vikki mentions Billy going out of town on business. Stitch says that's not true - his trip's not about business.

Kelly arrives at the Club where Lily tells her about all the Father's Day reservations. While Neil tries to convince Hilary not to go, Lily complains to Kelly about her relationship with her dad. Kelly wishes she still had a dad to be mad at. Nearby, the kids bug Devon about not having a girlfriend. By the door, Neil tells Hilary that Lily's shown him the right thing to do. Hilary assumes he's dumping her, but Neil proposes.

Billy arrives at the penthouse where Anita talks about teeny bikinis. Chelsea says to ignore her. Anita exits the room and Billy and Chelsea go up to say goodbye to Connor. Adam watches Billy hold Connor and gets angry. He throws something and slams down the lid of his laptop.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Dylan says to Avery, "I didn't listen to Paul, I didn't wait for the police..." Avery says if they're throwing around blame, not to forget about her.

Nick tells Jack that Summer's been torn up since he started dating Kelly. Jack asks, "You're saying it's my fault Summer took off?"

Christine tells Nikki, "I will look after my husband. You can go."

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