At the park, Summer hollers at Austin, who pleads with her to listen and to just trust him. "I need you." He explains about his beef with Avery. He says he wanted Avery to confess so his pain would go away. Summer says it's not right to hold a gun on someone but she understands why he did it. Austin doesn't know what he's going to do. Sirens wail. He kisses her and gets up to leave. Summer realizes he's bleeding.

At Kelly's place, after getting a call from Detective Harding, Jack dresses and talks in a panic about the guy Summer's smitten with being on the run and Summer not answering her phone. Kelly says she's coming with him.

At the hospital, Michael tells Lauren and Dylan that the doctors are keeping an eye on Paul's blood volume and are especially concerned about his liver. He has a call in to the hospital where Patty is. Harding gets in Dylan's face and Michael intervenes. Dylan tells Michael and Lauren he's responsible.

Jack and Kelly arrive at Crimson Lights looking for Summer. Jack laments that he doesn't know her that well and worries she could be with Austin. Kelly reassures him. Jack says he knows who to talk to.

At The Underground, Nick tells Sharon he doesn't trust Mariah. She suggests he give her a chance - or is he secretly hoping she'll do something wrong to justify his opinion of her? Nearby, Hilary questions if Neil brought her there because of the younger crowd. Hilary thinks their age difference may be more of an issue for him than he admits. Neil wonders if it's important to her. She thinks he should know how she feels. He steps out to take a call. Sharon joins Hilary, and learns she and Neil are dating. They bond over being the unpopular choice with the family. Neil listens as Hilary tells Sharon about her relationship with Neil - it's so stable. Sharon talks about loving someone so much your heart aches and looks at Nick adoringly. Hilary stays silent. At the bar, Mariah tells Nick she really wants to pay back the money she owes Sharon to show her she's worth it. Nick warns that Sharon's been hurt enough. Jack and Kelly arrive and tell Nick about Summer and Austin. Nick tells Jack that Summer is young and gullible. He hollers that they have to find them right now. Kelly says Summer and Austin seemed to care about each other. Nick and Jack are unmoved. Jack urges Nick to call Summer. He does and leaves a message. Mariah asks Sharon about Nick and Jack both being Summer's dad. Sharon explains about the paternity test and says Phyllis, who is in a coma, is Summer's mom. Mariah recalls that Phyllis is the one who knows Sharon's secret. At their table, Neil tells Hilary he wants her to be part of his Father's Day celebration. He says if Lily wants to boycott, so be it.

Nikki and Victor spend time with Johnny at the ranch. Nikki warns Victor not to read too much into her being there. She plays the piano. Victor sits beside her and says he doesn't like it there without her. She calls him frustrating and challenging and they kiss. The doorbell rings - it's Dylan. He tells them Paul has been shot. Dylan remarks on his condition and Nikki rushes to the hospital. Dylan tells Victor that Avery was kidnapped and he has to go to her. Victor tells Dylan he's been good to Nikki and good for her.

Nikki arrives at the hospital, where Lauren and Michael tell her Christine is on the way. The doctor appears with a bleak report - Paul's lost half his blood volume. Nikki goes in and implores Paul to come through this. "I need you." Chris arrives and enters. Nikki assures her Paul is strong and exits. Chris tearfully reminds Paul they have a family to make. The doctor enters and tells Chris the news isn't good. The others watch as Chris cries and breaks down.

In the park, Summer sees Nick is trying to reach her. She tells Austin she'll come with him and take care of him.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Hilary thinks Neil is breaking up with her.

Anita questions Chelsea dropping everything to take off with Billy Abbott.

Billy tells Kelly she could save him a really long flight if she would just tell him what she knows about Stitch.

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