At the station, Courtney and Detective Harding listen as Dylan, Paul, and Kevin realize that Austin is 4MJ. Dylan's certain he has Avery and kicks himself for not seeing it sooner. Kevin finds an address and Dylan turns to leave, but Paul stops him. "This is a police matter." Kevin learns that Austin recently bought a firearm. Dylan takes off as Paul shouts to no avail.

At Austin's place, he holds a gun on Avery and tells her she's going to get on camera and confess. Avery doesn't believe Austin will shoot her. She doesn't think his mother would want this. Dylan arrives at the building and sneaks in a window as Avery debates with Austin. She spots Dylan, who holds a finger to his lips. Avery pretends she's going to confess. Dylan attacks Austin and they wrestle for the gun on the floor. The police burst in and a shot rings out. Dylan leaps up and hugs Avery. Courtney and Harding tell Austin to stay down and call for assistance - Paul's been shot. "Officer down!" Austin takes off. Courtney follows him and shoots. The others implore Paul to hang in there.

At Crimson Lights, Billy makes a pitch for Chelsea to come with him to Australia. She says she's staying out of it. Billy insists she's his sidekick - he needs her help. Chelsea complains it's not good timing - she's supposed to meet the Forresters in L.A. Billy says he's arranged for that. She asks what's in this for her. He says an all-expense paid trip down under, and excitement and adventure. Chelsea insists she's perfectly happy, but Billy thinks she's conning herself. Chelsea muses she could use a few days away. They talk about Adam. Chelsea says she's sorry he didn't take responsibility for what he did, but she loved him. Billy says Adam's shadow won't follow her to Australia and she'll generate good karma. Chelsea agrees to go.

Kelly finds Stitch in the park and he tells her he decided not to come clean with Victoria. He says he was protecting her, but Kelly thinks Victoria is tough enough to handle anything. He replies that maybe the baby she's carrying isn't. Kelly reels when he reveals that either he or Billy could be the dad. Kelly asserts that if that baby is his he'll have to tell the truth - not just to Victoria - to everyone. Stitch extracts another promise for her to keep quiet - unless Jack asks her a direct question about it. Kelly explains that when she told Jenna, she was upset about Sam and lashed out at a person who had taken away someone else she loved.

At the Club, Jack asks Summer about seeing Mariah. She says it was depressing. Jack wonders about Austin. Summer says he's leaving town, but she hopes to convince him to stick around. Summer reveals that they bonded over their moms, but aside from that he doesn't volunteer much information. They laugh thinking of how Phyllis would butt in. Kelly arrives and Summer leaves. Jack explains Summer is upset about Austin. He has a weird feeling about it. Kelly acts distracted and ends up telling Jack about Victoria's pregnancy. Jack didn't know, but says Billy must be ecstatic. Kelly warns it may not be his baby. Jack is puzzled to learn she heard it from Ben Rayburn. Kelly steers the conversation back to them. They toast to her moving into her new place. Jack offers to keep her company.

Summer stops in at Avery's place where Courtney points a gun at her. After, she explains that Austin turned out to be Avery's stalker and shot Paul Williams. Summer is appalled that they let Austin get away. Courtney says he may come there for his phone - Summer needs to go.

At the hospital, Harding complains to Kevin about Dylan rushing in to Austin's place. Harding insinuates that Dylan is to blame for Paul getting shot. Nearby, Dylan talks to Stitch about Paul and then tells Avery how scary the idea of losing her felt. She thanks him for coming for her. Kevin calls around for Christine. Courtney arrives and says Austin got away. Dylan wants protection for Avery. Stitch appears and says Paul made it through surgery but has serious liver damage. Harding says if Paul dies it's on Dylan's head. Avery is appalled. Harding rants that he could have gotten Avery killed as well. They all stare as Paul is wheeled past.

Jack and Kelly kiss on the bed at her new place. She feels safe with him. They keep kissing and undressing.

In the park, Austin calls Summer, who has just arrived at Crimson Lights. He says she doesn't know the whole story and he needs her help.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Jack gets a call from Harding, who is looking for his daughter. Jack asks, "Summer?"

Austin asks Summer to give him a chance to explain - he needs her to trust him.

Dylan tells Victor and Nikki that Paul Williams has been shot. Nikki gasps, "Oh my God!"

The doctor tells Christine that the news about Paul's condition isn't good.

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