At Avery's place, Dylan leaves her a message that they must have got their wires crossed. He assumes she's at Crimson Lights. A cellphone rings. Dylan picks it up - it's Summer calling Austin's phone. Dylan says Austin must have left it behind.

At the station, Paul tells Kevin the judge wasn't convinced they needed to get 4MJ's identity and that Avery's ex-husband has been eliminated as a culprit. He gives Kevin permission to use illegal means to find the poster's identity. Dylan calls to tell Paul something's not right at Avery's. Lauren checks in with Kevin, who complains that Chloe refused the flowers he sent. Lauren whispers to Chris that Kevin's not good.

At Austin's apartment, Avery suggests they do the publicity stills elsewhere, but he tells her to stand by the wall and produces a video camera. She asks what's going on. Austin locks the door and starts talking about justice being served. She realizes he's 4MJ. He says everyone is going to know who she is and what she did. "The confessions of Avery Bailey Clark, take one."

At the park, Noah teases Courtney as they look at the constellations. He tells her they're called names like 'double cheeseburger'. They kiss until Noah gets a message from Nick summoning him to The Underground.

At home, Sharon tells Mariah Nick is going to hire her at The Underground. Mariah says Nick hates her guts. Sharon urges her to take the job. Mariah doesn't 'get' Sharon's friendliness. She remarks on Nick's love for Sharon. Sharon says she'll find that someday. Mariah muses that it won't be with Ty.

At The Underground, Summer tells Nick she's confused about a guy and needs her dad. Nick asks if Jack's away. She says, "I meant you." She explains things are awkward with Jack because he's dating. They talk about not giving up on Phyllis. Nick asks about Austin. Noah and Courtney arrive. Summer confides in Courtney that she met someone but he's leaving town. Courtney tells her not to let him go. Meanwhile, Nick tells Noah he needs him there to keep an eye on things. Sharon appears with Mariah. Summer and Noah are shocked. Noah rants at her about pretending to be his dead sister. Nick says she's his newest employee. Noah is outraged. Sharon says the 'poor girl' needs a break. Noah says what she did was sick and cruel. Mariah apologizes. Sharon and Nick tell Noah and Summer to blame Victor. Noah walks Courtney out and Summer exits. After, Noah agrees to come back to work. Sharon says he and Mariah can get to know each other. Mariah leaves and looks ticked off.

Paul meets Dylan at Avery's place and Dylan explains that she was supposed to be shooting there all day. He says Austin left his phone and Avery's not answering hers.

At Austin's, he turns off Avery's phone and tells her she's not going anywhere until she confesses to killing his mom. He says her name was Mary Jameson and she died in a convenience store robbery conducted by a man Avery freed. Austin insists Avery admit on tape that she's responsible for his mother's death. She says she's sorry he's in pain. He rants angrily and presses her to confess. He wants to ruin her life. Avery tries to leave but he pulls a gun. "You're not going anywhere."

At the station, Dylan and Paul pressure Kevin to find out the identity of the poster fast. Finally, Kevin gets the IP address. He follows that up and gets an unlisted number. They call it and it rings in Dylan's pocket - it's Austin's cellphone.

At Crimson Lights, Christine flashes to her and Paul deciding to make a baby. Lauren sits down and Chris tells her she's not pregnant yet. She sighs that she wants this so bad, not just for herself, but for Paul who has so many regrets about Ricky. Lauren hopes she's not trying to rewrite history by giving Paul another child. Chris says she wants to create a testament to their love. They discuss Paul being too busy to text Chris back. On the patio, Noah and Summer briefly discuss the Mariah weirdness and then Austin. Summer complains that Avery's being annoying about it. "She doesn't know him like I do."

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Jack learns from Kelly that Victoria is pregnant.

Billy says to Chelsea, "An all expenses paid trip to the land down under." She asks what's in it for her. He replies, "A lot."

Kevin finds Austin's address and Dylan starts heading out. Paul hollers at him not to even think about it - this is a police matter.

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