Jack, back from London, finds Kelly at the Club. They kiss. Nearby, Nikki listens as Billy tells Victoria he'd like to go to her next doctor's appointment with her. She says she planned to go alone and leaves Billy with Nikki. Nikki tells him there's still hope, and then joins Victoria. Nikki grills Victoria about her feelings for Billy and Stitch. Nikki warns her to figure out where she's at before the father of the baby is revealed. They spot Kelly and Jack. Victoria snarks that Kelly likes Abbott men. Later, Jack introduces Kelly to Nikki, who says she knows her by reputation. Kelly reassures Jack.

Chelsea enters the Crimson Lights patio and sees Stitch talking to his son and ex-wife via video chat. She recalls her last conversation with Billy. The call ends and Stitch apologizes to Chelsea for coming down on her the other day. They chat. He complains that Jenna changed Max's last name to Kieran. Once alone, Chelsea leaves Billy a voicemail that she has information.

At Avery's place, she and Austin are set to work when Paul arrives to discuss the report she filed on the disturbing online comments. Paul asks Austin to excuse them and tells Avery the social media site won't release 4MJ's identity. Paul's instinct is that it's someone she knows who has an issue with her. They discuss the wording and who might have a grudge against her for a case. Paul doesn't think it's Ian's style.

At Newman, Victor asks Dylan if Willa gave him the information they need to get rid of Ian Ward. Dylan says she disappeared overnight. Dylan returns his money. Victor tells him to keep it - their work isn't done. They speculate on whether Ian's claim to have information is true after all. Victor will have a P.I. find Willa. They discuss what's next and Dylan says he doesn't work for Victor, but will be happy to confer when they get more information. Nikki enters. Dylan leaves. Nikki asks Victor not to include her son in his plans. Victor says Dylan came to him. She doesn't want Victor to egg him on. Nikki says she came to clarify that their kiss didn't change anything. Victor says it meant she still loves him. Nikki goes on about the similarities between them and Billy and Victoria - she still loves him. Victor bellows, "Love is not enough." Nikki says, "Exactly."

Summer finds Austin in the park and says she'll come back to Avery's place with him. He says no, and tells her he'll be leaving town later. "After today I'll have everything I need from Avery." Summer kisses him to give him a reason to stay. Jack and Kelly appear. Kelly and Austin introduce themselves and Austin takes off. Kelly leaves Jack to grill Summer. She says it's not as serious as him and Kelly. Summer tells him she won't weigh in on his relationship, and he doesn't get to weigh in on hers. Kelly returns and Jack wants all three of them to have dinner. Summer ducks out. Jack hopes Austin is a good thing for Summer.

At the hospital, Victoria tells Ben she saw Billy at the Club and it rattled her. Stitch asks her to be honest. "Do I have a horse in this race? Or will your heart always be with Billy?" She confirms she has feelings for him, but she doesn't know how it will turn out. Victoria admits she's imagined a baby and a life with him. "It looks nice." Later, Victoria shows Ben her ultrasound photo.

At the penthouse, Chelsea tells Billy she learned Jenna's last name isn't Rayburn, it's Kieran, and she's in Melbourne. She already found her phone number. Billy's appreciative. Chelsea admits she kind of enjoyed it. She urges Billy to call Jenna and has him pretend to be doing a survey, but he muffs it and Jenna hangs up. Chelsea says he'll have to go talk to her in person. He asks her to come with him.

Paul finds Dylan at Crimson Lights and asks about the disturbing posts. Dylan didn't know the police were involved and Paul explains. Dylan says her ex-husband may be harboring a grudge - it's a long shot. After, Dylan calls Avery and rants at her about not telling him how scared she was of the poster. On the patio, Paul puts in a call to learn the poster's identity.

Austin returns to Avery's place and asks if the cop found the poster. She says not yet and wants to get to work. Austin informs her there's been a change of plans and they have to finish shooting at his place. Later, Dylan arrives and finds Avery gone.

Genoa City Spoilers for Next Week on The Young and the Restless:

Sharon tells Mariah that Nick wants her to work for him at The Underground.

Summer tells Nick she needs her dad. He asks if Jack's out of town. She replies, "I meant you."

Avery tells Austin to open that door and let her out of there. He says she's not going anywhere until she confesses.

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