At Sharon's house, she kisses Nick. He asks if she helped Mariah. She confirms the charges were dropped. Nick's relieved Mariah's out of their lives. Mariah appears. She tells Nick she intends to pay Sharon back - though it might take time. Sharon says she thought it would be good if Mariah stayed with them. Nick forbids it. Mariah assures him she's not moving in, but Sharon is putting her up at a hotel. She thanks Sharon and leaves to go job-hunting. Sharon and Nick argue about Mariah staying in Genoa City. Sharon resents him implying she can't exercise judgement. Nick wonders what is to stop Mariah from hurting someone again. Sharon insists Mariah is remorseful. Nick is certain she came to finish the job. Sharon wants him to just love her; she doesn't need him to protect her. Nick can't help it. They agree not to fight and make love. Sharon thinks she'll plan another trip if that's the welcome home. Talk turns back to Mariah. Sharon says she encouraged her to make amends. Nick offers to hire her at The Underground. Sharon's thrilled, but Nick grimaces.

Tyler stops Abby in the park to confront her about ending their engagement. She won't marry him when he still has feelings for Mariah. He says he only has feelings for her. They kiss. She admits there was chemistry, but says they don't have trust. They argue about him going to help Mariah. Abby feels he'll never be free of her. Tyler asks Abby if she remembers him proposing there. She does. He says there's only one woman standing in the way of their future. "That's you." Abby says she's putting up walls because she needs them. Tyler is trying to convince her otherwise when Mariah appears. Abby reiterates that Tyler will never be free of her. Mariah says she owes them both an apology. Abby questions her sincerity and congratulates Mariah on ruining their engagement. Mariah urges Abby to give Tyler another chance. Abby wonders what kind of angle she's working. Mariah promises not to interfere anymore. She hopes Abby makes the right choice. Abby's not ready to put the ring back on.

At the Chancellor Estate, Jill implores an officer to arrest Colin. Colin reminds her there's no proof he stole the necklace. The officer leaves and Jill pleads with Colin to return the necklace. She is body searching him when Lauren has the misfortune to enter. Jill tells her about finding the necklace and Colin stealing it. Colin repeatedly says he didn't take it. He leaves. Lauren and Jill discuss the music box. The only mystery Jill wants to solve is debate over whether Jill loves Colin. Jill despairs that she fell for a terrible man. Lauren implores her to find happiness with someone else.

At Crimson Lights, Neil works on Hilary to move in permanently. Hilary wants to avoid the GCAC to be considerate. Lily appears with Mattie and exchanges a look with Hilary. Mattie tells Neil she's been with Grandpa Colin. Lily says she didn't want to inconvenience Neil and his roommate. Devon appears and talks about his injury. Lily remarks on Hilary being there when a member of her family got hurt. "Imagine..." Neil takes Lily aside to bicker about being antagonistic toward Hilary. Lily reiterates her issues. Devon and Hilary hang with Mattie, who asks Hilary if she'll marry Neil. Devon saves Hilary from answering, but warns Hilary about Neil being let down again. Lily joins them. Hilary tells her she cares about Neil. Lily challenges her to prove it by walking away. Hilary warns Lily about making Neil choose between the people he loves. Neil intervenes. Lily advises him to end things before Hilary does it for him. Devon is advising Lily to relax when they notice Mattie has a huge diamond necklace. Later, Hilary tells Neil she'd like to make their living arrangements more permanent. He's thrilled, unless she's trying to prove something to Lily. Hilary says she realized she can't expect anyone to take their relationship seriously until she does. "I'm ready for a commitment."

Colin meets the man he hired to steal the necklace in the park and tells him to hand it over. The man doesn't have it. He says he went by this morning to take it and bailed when he saw a cop car. Colin wonders who has it.

Colin returns home and suggests to Jill that Esther may have taken the necklace. Jill gasps. "The maid did it?" She scoffs at him blaming the help. When Lauren says there must be an explanation, Lily appears with Mattie. "There is." She explains that Mattie took the necklace and Mattie apologizes. Lauren leaves, along with Lily and Mattie. Colin seeks an apology from Jill, who says she's ashamed and kisses him.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Stitch wants to know if Victoria's heart will always be with Billy.

Billy tells Chelsea he wants Ben out of Victoria's life bad enough to go to Australia.

Victor talks to Dylan about some other way to deal with Ian Ward.

Austin tells Summer that after today, he'll have everything he needs from Avery.

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