At the Club, Nikki finds Nick banging on her suite door. Nick complains about her being there. Nikki says she's protected. They bicker about Victor and whether Sharon actually has a devastating secret. Nick isn't about to forgive Victor. Nikki shows him a newspaper article about what Victor is facing legally. Nick snarks that he'll beat it. Downstairs, Avery confronts Victor about working with Dylan. "How illegal is your plan?" She backtracks, and Victor encourages her to trust Dylan. Avery tells Victor she wants Ian Ward handled like the slime he is, and trusts Dylan to do whatever must be done. They agree on what a menace Ward is to the community. Avery warns Victor that if something goes wrong, Dylan won't go down for what they're doing. Victor reassures her. Avery runs into Nikki and Nick by the stairs. Nikki joins Victor and they discuss the federal case against him. Reporters appear asking Victor for a comment. Nikki orders them out. Back in her suite, Victor thanks her for defending his honor. Nikki talks about his love for the company. He assures her he won't lose his family. They discuss Victoria being pregnant and needing a paternity test. Nikki warns Victor that Nick is still very upset with him. He grumps that Nick grew up with a silver spoon and now is upset because he's trying to save his ass. "He'll get over it." Victor tells Nikki their bond is unbreakable. They kiss. He wants her to come home. She knows. Victor leaves.

At the station, Kevin declines Michael's invitation to dinner. Lauren appears and Kevin accuses them of being there out of pity. Kevin gets an email from Chloe that says she won't be calling and he cannot come visit. She doesn't know if she'll ever come back and tells Kevin to move on without her. Kevin decides the doctor put her up to it and he must go bring her back. Michael and Lauren try to make him see reason. Lauren says maybe the way they left things was her way of saying goodbye. Kevin refuses to go to dinner with them. Michael doesn't want to leave him alone. In the elevator, Kevin looks at Chloe's email and smashes his phone.

Colin gets a text seeking the money he owes at the Chancellor Estate. Jill appears, ready to go for dinner. He touches the necklace, which falls off her neck. Jill goes for pliers as Cane, Lily, and the twins arrive. Cane says it's an emergency. Jill reappears as Cane and Lily explain that Charlie needs to go to the hospital and the only person Mattie wants to stay with is Colin. Colin rises to the occasion. Later, Esther serves Colin and Mattie cookies, and then Jill shows Esther the necklace. Esther is bowled over but still thinks there's more to the mystery than money. Jill and Esther listen to Mattie laugh and discuss Delia and Chloe. They all play hide-n-seek. Colin begins counting and then calls his contact. He tells him he'll get back the money he gave him to spread through Bonaventure - the company's been more trouble than it's worth.

In the park, Avery tells Nick that Ian really got to her - he knows how to make her second guess herself. Nick clucks that he's sick. Avery admits she's hurt people. "Including you." Nick reassures her. She explains about 4MJ, who seems to know things about her. "I'm really scared." Nick suggests she block the person. Avery is glad they are friends. Avery gets another post from 4MJ. Nick warns her to be careful.

At the hospital, Cane and Lily wonder if Charlie has poison ivy and Lily worries about Mattie. Cane suggests they leave the kids with Colin overnight so they can have their French night. Lily thinks he's out of his mind. Cane defends Colin and they bicker. Lily wants to get Charlie's cream, pick up Mattie, and go home.

Cane and Lily return to the Chancellor Estate to discover that Mattie is hiding. She appears. Jill says she adores Colin. Colin kisses Mattie and they leave. Colin tells Jill he thinks Esther's behind the dryer. She laughs. "Let's leave her there." Jill notices the necklace is gone and accuses Colin of taking it.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Nick thinks Mariah is out of their lives for good, but she's at Sharon's house.

Hilary tells Neil she's ready for a commitment.

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