At the hospital, Stitch recalls telling Kelly he'll come clean to Victoria. He leaves Victoria a message. Billy appears. They discuss Victoria's pregnancy. Stitch lets Billy know he won't back away. Billy warns the odds are in his favor.

At home, Avery worries about the latest creepy message from 4MJ. Dylan calls and she urges him not to give up on finding Willa. She assures him everything's fine.

At Austin's apartment, Summer asks him to make love to her. The message from 4MJ is visible on his laptop. She's nervous. He realizes it's her first time and backs off. Summer insists she wants him to be her first. He says he can't do this, but won't say why. He points out that she doesn't really know him. Summer says she trusts him. Austin decides he needs to do editing. Summer kisses him. "I'll see you at work." Once alone, Austin leaves Avery another threatening message saying justice is about to be served.

At the Club, Lily tells Kelly about her birthday surprise from Cane. Kelly mentions Jack and London. Neil appears with a birthday gift for Lily. What she really wants is for him to end things with Hilary. Kelly goes. Neil wonders why Lily can't give Hilary the same chance as Kelly, and reminds her he gave Cane a chance. In the gym, Hilary cries out when Devon injures himself. She thinks he's overdoing it because he's angry about her and Neil. Devon limps and she insists on taking him to the hospital. Upstairs, Avery visits Ian's suite and accuses him of using the anonymity of the internet to terrorize her so they'll pay him to go away. He clucks about her being distraught. Avery shows him the comments. He denies writing them, and says it looks like she wronged someone. Ian suggests she look into her heart and memory. She tells him to go to hell, but seems shaken. In the dining room, Neil gets a call from Hilary about Devon. He turns to tell Lily but she's gone. Nearby, Kelly runs into Avery who drops her keys. Summer appears and says Kelly's dating Jack. Kelly assures Avery she's not trying to take her sister's place. Avery goes after Summer, who complains about Jack moving on. Summer is determined to control her own life and informs Avery if she wants to be with Austin, she will be. Meanwhile, Kelly convinces Lily to open her gift from Neil - it's a beautiful beaded clutch with a heartfelt card saying Neil thought Drucilla would have chosen it for Lily.

Upstairs at the penthouse, Connor is being watched in his crib on Adam's spycam. Downstairs, Victoria arrives and informs Chelsea she told Billy about her pregnancy. They bicker about how well Chelsea knows Billy and Victoria ends up telling Chelsea to stay away from her husband. Chelsea wonders if Victoria thinks she wants Billy for herself. Victoria asks, "Do you?" Billy arrives. Victoria asks him to walk her out, but he declines. Once alone, Chelsea tells Billy she's glad her part in this is done. He sighs. He wants her to help him get Ben out of Victoria's life. "It takes a con to catch a con." Billy knows Stitch looks squeaky clean, but is sure he's hiding something. Chelsea blurts that they need to find Stitch's ex-wife. Elsewhere, Adam receives photos of Connor and Chelsea from a man who says she has no idea she's being followed. "It won't be long until you see them in person."

Victoria bumps into Ben at the hospital while getting vitamins. He tells Billy seems very confident. "Does he know something I don't?" Victoria says nothing's changed as much as Billy would like. She mentions not needing other people's baggage right now, and asks what Ben wanted to tell her. He talks about giving her whatever she needs. They hug. "You're not alone, Victoria." In a room, Devon tells Hilary, "I just wish..." Hilary asks Devon if he had any wish in the whole world, what would it be? Neil enters. He hopes Devon's not giving Hilary a hard time. Hilary said they chatted. Devon is talked out and they go.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Lauren tells Kevin that Chloe needs to heal, but he says he needs to get to California and bring her back there.

Avery says to Victor, "You and Dylan are in this together, aren't you? How illegal is your plan?"

Nick tells Nikki that his dad always has another dirty move up his sleeve.

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