At the Club, Lily asks Kelly about her big night with Jack Abbott. Kelly tells her Jack bailed. She talks about how humiliating it felt, and explains that he had run into his daughter. Lily thinks the only way to get past this is to find her someone else. Kelly nixes the idea.

At Jabot, Jack is thinking about Kelly when Hilary enters the office. She asks to leave early. He agrees and wonders if she has a date. She thanks him. He says she can't go anywhere until they discuss Neil. Summer arrives and Jack alludes to making some big announcement later. Hilary goes. Summer tells Jack she was out of line and can't stop him from being with Kelly. Jack is proud of her. Summer still doesn't like it, but feels it's up to him. Jack promises that no matter what happens, he'll be there when Phyllis wakes up.

On the basketball court, Devon and Cane quiz Neil about his new positive energy. Neil claims he has renewed vitality due to eating super foods. After, Devon asks Cane if he thinks Neil's acting. Cane doesn't think so. Devon muses that he wants some of what Neil's having.

At Crimson Lights, Abby tells Leslie she wants to know everything there is to know about Tyler's ex, Mariah. She tells Leslie about Mariah's connection to her family. Leslie digests the news that Victor paid Mariah to torment Sharon. She can't believe Mariah took things so far this time. Abby asks what she's done before. Tyler appears. Leslie warns that Mariah is pure trouble. She suggests Tyler tell Abby the rest. Tyler doesn't want to relive any of it. Abby takes a work call and Leslie assures Tyler she won't tell anyone what went down with him and Mariah in Portland. She leaves and Abby rejoins Tyler. They bicker about Mariah. Abby won't let it go. She hatches an idea to deal with Mariah.

At the hospital, Sharon tells Nick she's eager to undergo hypnosis - the secret is going to come out today. They bicker over it until Dr. Meade joins them. She warns the memories may not be accessible after the electro-shock therapy and that if she remembers, she may not be healthy enough to face it. More debating ensues. Sharon can't move forward with Nick until this issue is diffused. She admits it's playing with fire, but she's willing to do that for them. Meade agrees to do the hypnosis with Nick in the room. They begin. Sharon goes back to dating Nick in high school and then to current times. Meade asks her if there's something she wants to share with Nick that he doesn't know. Sharon says there is and then becomes agitated. Nick tries to stop they session, but Meade thinks Sharon's getting to the truth. Sharon yells, "Nick can't know! I remember!"

Neil meets Hilary at the Club. He thinks she faked a business meeting to get him there. She says it's real and tells him she nearly blurted their secret to Jack. Lily appears and wonders what she doesn't want anyone to know. At the bar, Cane tells Devon he thinks he wants Hilary. Jack arrives and Kelly blows past him. He joins Hilary, Lily, and Neil. Hilary says Jack has a surprise announcement. Jack tells them he wants to do another fashion show at the Club in a couple of months. Neil touches Hilary's hand under the table and she excuses herself abruptly for a dentist appointment. Neil follows and they kiss at her suite door before going inside to undress. Meanwhile, Lily tells Devon and Cane the fashion show news. Kelly gives Lily a file Hilary left behind. Lily says she'll stick it under her door. Jack appears and takes responsibility for the file. He joins Kelly. Lily rushes over to Cane and Devon and talks about setting Neil up on a date. She looks over at Kelly, who is telling Jack they shouldn't interact. Jack says he wants another chance.

Genoa City Spoilers for Next Week on The Young and the Restless:

Jack lets Kelly know he was wrong that they shouldn't be together.

Mariah asks Abby, "What have you got for me, Princess?" Abby replies, "An offer you can't refuse."

Under hypnosis, Sharon yells, "Please stop! Oh my God!" Nick tells the doctor this is too much.

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