At the ranch, Victor leaves Nikki saying he's right about Sharon and she needs to come to her senses. Security knocks - Sharon insists on seeing Victor. She tells him they need to talk about her secret. Sharon wonders if he can put his hate aside long enough to help her uncover it. She explains her therapist confirmed there is a secret, but she forgot it in the treatment. Victor says it will shatter Nick. Sharon wants to figure it out, to protect Nick. Victor says he's in the dark as well, but he knows that Phyllis knows what she's hiding. Victor muses about her doing what's best for Nicholas - no matter the cost. He questions her getting involved with him knowing it will all fall apart. Victor asks her to do the right thing and get out of his life now.

In the hotel, Abby talks to Tyler about what her dad did to Sharon. She marvels that he would get someone who looks like Cassie to push her over the edge. Tyler has to get to work. Abby spots the bracelet on the floor. Tyler tells her Mariah was there and is staying across the hall. Abby complains about him not telling her sooner. She says she'll kick Mariah's skanky butt out of this town. Later, Abby sees Mariah in the hallway. Abby yells at her for being the Cassie lookalike Victor hired. Tyler appears and says that's Mariah. Abby informs him she's the person who her dad paid to torment Sharon. She goes to call the police. Tyler tells Mariah it was a horrible thing to do. She warns him to call off his guard dog. Tyler follows Abby and tries to convince her to drop it. Mariah listens and smiles.

At the Club, Lily and Cane chat with Neil about the twins meeting Colin. Neil and Devon both think about Hilary. Hilary appears. Cane says he told Hilary he would cut her some slack, but he would also back up his wife. Neil raises his glass. Devon goes over to Hilary and hints that he knows she has a boyfriend. She looks over at Neil and says maybe she does, maybe she doesn't. Meanwhile, Lily complains to Cane and Neil that Hilary's a fraud. Neil says he's seen a side to Hilary she hasn't. He talks about the rapport they developed on their business trip. Lily thinks she has them fooled. Cane joins Devon at the bar. Devon says he heard Hilary with someone in her room the other day. Neil assures Lily he's doing good and says goodbye to Devon and Cane on his way out. Lily tells Devon and Cane she's concerned about Neil - he's trying way too hard to be brave. Once alone, Cane tells Devon not to give up on Hilary, it may not be serious. Upstairs, Hilary lets Neil in and they undress and kiss while talking business. After sex, Neil suggests they clue everyone in about their relationship. Hilary feels it's a bad idea. They kiss.

In Avery's apartment, she and Dylan discuss her fans and her recipes. Nick arrives. He says he's there because of what Victor's done - Nick thinks he's going to have to do something he never thought he'd do again. He recalls how he once turned his father in to the feds. Avery thinks it would be difficult to press charges. She suggests the worst punishment for Victor is his family turning away. Dylan asks how Nikki's doing and then leaves after telling Nick they both have lousy fathers. Nick admits to Avery he's having a hard time not liking Dylan. They talk about her cooking show. Nick says he's back with Sharon and thinks they have a shot. Avery says if he's happy, she's happy. She urges him to forget about Victor. They hug. Later, Avery receives roses.

Dylan arrives at the ranch and Victor grumbles that Nikki's out. He's forced to admit she doesn't know where it is. Dylan says since what Victor did forced her out, he's worried about Ian Ward getting to her. Victor tells him that won't happen and bristles at Dylan's questions. He urges Dylan to give Nikki a call. Dylan's phone rings - it's Avery thanking him for the flowers, but he says he didn't send them.

At Sharon's house she tells Nick them being together is a mistake. He tells her when the secret comes out, they'll be strong enough to deal with it. They kiss.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Stitch asks Kelly if she's going to tell people what she knows about him and blow up his life again or keep quiet.

Billy wants Jack to get Kelly to tell him Stitch's secret.

Victoria's says, "That was the lab." Victoria asks, "What did they say?"

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