At Jabot, Chloe makes her case for her and Billy making another baby. He tells her with Delia that mold was broken. She protests. She reminds him of how their lives changed after they had Delia. "We could get that back again." Billy tells her they can't have a baby together. "I love Victoria." Chloe doesn't want his love - just his sperm. Billy flips out a bit. She sobs that she can't go on without a baby. He suggests she talk to Kevin, but she says they're married in name only. Billy gently tells her if he has another baby it will be with Victoria.

At the ranch, Victor complains to his man that he was supposed to get his granddaughter's doppleganger out of town. He tells the man once Sharon's secret comes out he will be vindicated.

At home, Sharon and Nick discuss Victor's sick plan, and about Mariah. Sharon says she's so lost and alone. Nick reminds her she's not Cassie - she couldn't be less like her. Nick wants her to promise to stay away from the girl. Sharon changes the subject.

At the hotel, Mariah thinks Abby dumped Tyler, that's why he's checked in there. Tyler says she knows he's there with Abby. His phone rings - it's Abby, pacing their room in her lingerie wondering what's taking so long to get the ice. He reassures her and then turns back to Mariah. He complains about her cheating on him - Abby is everything she's not. Mariah counters that she knows all his secrets - does Abby? His look says no. He joins Abby, who says she got a call from Nick and has to go. After, Mariah walks into Tyler's room and baits him about Abby leaving him out of her family emergency. She warns him Abby's father is one bad dude and will turn on him. Tyler asks how she knows about Victor. Mariah accuses Tyler of liking the Newman money. He thinks she's jealous and tells her to stop talking. She kisses him. He reiterates that they're done. Mariah insists she loves him. He pleads with her to leave town and stay away from Abby. She leaves her bracelet on the floor for Abby to find and leaves.

At Crimson Lights, Noah tells Summer he got a parking ticket but he plans to get out of it. Summer gets a call from Victor summoning her to the ranch. Summer goes and Noah calls Courtney, who won't get rid of his ticket. Nick arrives, followed by Abby. Nick fills them in on Victor's Cassie lookalike plot. Abby leaves and Nick and Noah continue to discuss Mariah. Later, Chloe sits alone looking at photos of Delia.

At the Club, Nikki's accountant, Milton, asks her to run away with him. She's amused. Victoria appears, so he leaves. Nikki tells Vikki she's staying there. Vikki asks what her dad has done now. She says he crossed the line; she doesn't know if she can ever forgive him, and Nicholas won't. Nikki fills her in and they cluck over how despicable it is. Victoria thinks Nikki will forgive him - she always does. Nikki asks about Victoria's marriage. Vikki doesn't know what will happen.

At the ranch, Victor hangs up from Summer and tells his man that the only person who can help him figure out Sharon's secret is Summer's mother, but he can't ask her. Later, Summer arrives and they discuss Ian, before he asks about Phyllis. She says she'd give anything for her to wake up. Victor sighs, "So would I." Summer's surprised. Victor brings up Sharon. Summer says she's' been a good friend. Victor says she shouldn't lean on Sharon, and neither should Nick. He hints that she'll hear some things about him, but he was just protecting his family. Nikki arrives as Summer leaves. Nikki tells Victor she's there to pack a suitcase. He insists she'll find out what he did was justified. Nikki sniffs that he doesn't care who he hurts - she'll never understand how he can hurt his own children. Victor booms that they'll all realize he was right and then she'll forgive him. "The question is will I forgive you!"

At home, Victoria takes her pregnancy test upstairs. She comes back down and sees a missed call from Billy. She phones for a doctor's appointment to confirm a pregnancy.

At the hotel, Abby talks to Tyler about what Victor did to Sharon. They kiss with Mariah's bracelet nearby.

At Sharon's house, she, Nick and Noah celebrate with Faith over her first soccer goal. Noah tells Sharon he's sorry - he hates what Grandpa did to her. Sharon says she has her family and no one can take that away. Nick announces that he and Sharon are back together.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Abby says to Mariah, "It's you." Mariah replies, "It's me. Took you long enough to find me, you're slower than I thought."

Nick tells Avery that his dad has been responsible for a lot of pain. He's starting to think he may have to do something he never thought he'd do again.

Victor tells Sharon he knows someone who knows what she's hiding.

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