At Jabot, Jack is pleased with Billy's work. He tells Billy he wants to spend more time with Kelly, and told her Billy would be okay with it. Billy muses that this isn't what he pictured. Jack thinks it's good Victoria sees Kelly moving on. Billy says Kelly's no longer the issue.

At home, Victoria gets a call from Stitch wondering about her 'hotdogitis'. They talk about going to a real restaurant for their next date. Abby comes to the door. She asks Victoria to be her matron of honor. Victoria accepts. Abby asks about Billy, and Victoria reminds her they're separated. Abby wonders what happened to 'for better, for worse'. She accuses her of refusing to honor her wedding vows.

At the Club, Kelly overhears Stitch making a date with Victoria and confronts him about it. She says Victoria will only ever love Billy, and would have nothing to do with him if she knew the truth. Stitch says he's got a second chance at happiness and asks her not to take it away. Kelly says Jenna deserved to know, and now he's doing this again. She hisses that he can't erase what he did. He says he has to live with what he did every day. Billy appears and wants to know what he did. Kelly moves to the doorway and encounters Jack. They leave. Billy warns Stitch he and Victoria always get back together. He vows to find out what Stitch is hiding. Nearby, Chloe and Lauren discuss the fashion show. Chloe feels everyone's talking about her going Edward Scissorhands on the dress. She thinks Kevin's efforts to keep her out of Fairview may not have been worth it. Lauren says marrying him kept her free to live her life. Chloe scoffs at the idea of the life she has now. Lauren thinks Chloe and Kevin can make it happen again. Chloe says she's not in love with him anymore. Lauren thinks she'll find someone to love, maybe even have more kids. Chloe only wants Delia - the best parts of her and of Billy. In the foyer, Billy warns Stitch again about his secret. Stitch tells him not to waste his time.

At Crimson Lights, Leslie and Dylan have a tense conversation about Ian. She'll continue to represent him, and Dylan will do what's necessary to keep him from hurting someone else. He warns Leslie that Ian's manipulating her too. Tyler joins Leslie and says he's going to make an unpopular decision too. Abby rushes in complaining about her insane family and the divorce rate. She rants that Victor had a pre-nup drawn up for them. Tyler tells her he already had Leslie draw one up. He says the only thing he'll ever want from her is her love. They kiss. Leslie takes off.

At the Cassie lookalike's hotel, she thanks Ian for coming. He reminds her he's always there if she needs him. They discuss her surviving without her mother until now. He admires her for standing up to Victor Newman. She talks about the sweet deal he offered to do with Sharon, and Sharon wanting her to stay. The Cassie lookalike is scared of Victor but wants to stay. Ian advises her to keep focused. She asks what he's doing in Genoa City. He says taking care of unfinished business. Later, the Cassie lookalike exits her room as Abby has left Tyler standing outside of a room across the hall. He asks, "Mariah? What are you doing here?"

Dylan stops by Victoria's place and they discuss Ian Ward and Nikki. He'll be keeping an eye on her family. Victoria says he's a part of it. They talk about her relationship with Ben. She says she wants to know more about him and asks Dylan to tell her. Dylan admits he doesn't know why his marriage ended either, but he knows he's a good guy - and so is Billy. Later, Victoria holds a pregnancy test.

At the park, Kelly recites a poem and Jack knows the author. They talk about moving forward. Jack says Billy is okay with them seeing each other. She asks about Phyllis, noting she doesn't want him to feel his loyalty to her has to change. Jack says she cuts to the heart like Phyllis. She takes it as a compliment. Jack talks about his redhead and laughs that she would have taken Kelly's head off. Jack muses that he and Phyllis can't be together.

Chloe finds Billy at Jabot and they talk about Delia and how they can't go back. Billy says they'll never do anything that amazing again. She says they could; they could have another baby.

Dylan enters the Club and tells Stitch that Victoria seems unsure about Billy; he thinks Stitch should back away. Stitch can't; he really cares about her, and thinks she's done with Billy.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Nick tells Noah, "Her name's Mariah. I don't know where she came from or where Dad found her." Noah asks, "What's going to happen to her?"

Tyler yells at Mariah, "Stop talking!" She replies, "Whatever you say." She then kisses him.

Victor asks Nikki if she's at the ranch to discuss this calmly and rationally. She says she's just there to pack a suitcase.

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